Transfer Processes

The table below lists the transfer processes available and when each should be used;

Internal ChargeInternal charges are used when you have provided goods/services to another Club, Society or Project within the Union. 
Transaction CorrectionTransaction corrections are for use when you have income or expenditure posted incorrectly in your online transaction pages. You can correct transactions between funding codes.
Members Funds Redistribution

Members funds represent the final balances on any activity codes from the previous year(s). Members funds redistributions are used for moving money between activity codes within the member's fund account.

Designated Members FundsIf your CSP wants to save for a future large expenditure you can set up a Designated Members Fund (DMF) account. 
You will only be able to complete any of these actions if you are the Chair or Treasurer of a Club, Society or Project. If you are unsure about which process to use you should contact your Management Group Treasurer or Chair.
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