Charitable Donations

Donations to Charity from your Club or Society must be made through eActivities. This ensures the Union, as a registered charity has clear records of donations to other charities.

You will need to complete a form in eActivities to make a donation to a charity; usually, this is to transfer the proceeds of a fundraising event.

Login to eActivities and navigate to Finance > Expenditure > Charitable Donations

Requesting a New Charity

To request a new charity select the 'Request a New Charity' tab and enter the full name of the charity, address, registered charity number, link to its entry on the Charities Commission website, and its bank account details to pay by BACS. Once you have finished, click the 'Submit Charity' button – you will be notified by email when your charity is added to the list.

If you have any questions about a pending charity donation, or registering a new charity please contact, if you have a question about fundraising or the above procedure please contact

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