Approving Purchase Orders

Authorising Purchase Orders

To approve purchase orders you need to have comepleted your Financial Responsibility Form. You will also need to have completed the Key Information and Approving Expenditure quizzes. If you have a Purchase Order to authorise you will receive an automatically generated email – login to eActivities select Finance, Expenditure then Purchase Orders.

How to approve

For each Purchase Order you will need to check whether what is being ordered is appropriate for the Club, Society or Project, that the transactions and VAT codes are correct on each line and most importantly – do they have the funds to cover this expenditure? If everything is correct you can click the Authorise button.

How to reject

You may sometimes need to reject a Purchase Order. When clicking the Reject button you will be prompted to enter a reason and given the option of who to reject it back to. Please ensure you make this reason clear so that the problem can be corrected and resubmitted or the Purchase Order cancelled if necessary.You should reject Purchase Orders if it is not related to the Club, Society or Project’s activities, you want further information before approving the Purchase Order or the group does not have sufficient funds and approving the order would leave them in debt.

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