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In this section we will cover:

  1. Who can I reach out to?
  2. Union Meetings
  3. Support

We understand that Annual Budgeting can be a difficult and time-consuming process.  There are many people you can reach out to for support and advice.

The Student Activities Centre & Deputy Presidents will be hosting bookable meetings and drop-in sessions for Annual Budgeting in January and February 2024.

Who can I reach out to?

You should begin your budgeting process by consulting with your committee.  Whilst it is your job as Treasurer or Chair to create the budget, the rest of your committee will be able to give you invaluable insight into each of the areas of your CSP they are responsible for.  For example, you should talk to a Social Secretary about yearly social events (whilst these aren't core they should still be in your budget), or talk to a Team Captain about transport to fixtures for their team.

Your first port of call for advice outside of your committee is your Management Group (MG) or Constituent Union (CU).  MGs and CUs represent your CSP to the Union and support with your financial administration by approving your finances and annual budget. Your MG/CU can be found by looking at the initials before your CSPs name on eActivities:

  • SP = Sports
  • RE = Recreation
  • AE = Arts & Entertainments
  • KN = Knowledge
  • ICSMSU = Imperial College School of Medicine Students' Union
  • RSMU = Royal School of Mines Union
  • RCSU = Royal College of Science Union
  • CGCU = City and Guilds College Union
  • Silwood = Silwood Park

Your MG/CU can assist with:

  • General budgeting support
  • How to use the budgeting tool
  • Understanding what expenses are eligible for grant funding, and how best to structure your requests
  • Understanding how best to structure your budget as a whole
  • Reviewing past budgets and finances

Union Meetings

Where your CSP doesn't have an MG/CU listed above, or where your MG/CU is unable to assist, you can reach out to the Student Activities Team and Deputy Presidents.

The Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) will be hosting bookable meetings during the CSP budgeting period for all CSPs who don't have an MG/CU, or who can't contact theirs, as well as those who have been identified as requiring additional support.

Meetings will initially be opened to CSPs without an MG/CU, then to all CSPs who require assistance.


We understand that Annual Budgeting can be a difficult and time-consuming process.  If you have any concerns that your committee may not be able to complete your CSPs budget by the advertised deadline please contact the Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) as soon as possible, so that we can support you throughout the process.

If you need further support you can contact the Union Advice Service.

This is the end of the training.  If you have any questions, please refer to the frequently asked questions, or contact your Management Group,  Constituent Union, or the Student Activities Team.

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