Appeals, Conduct & Transparency

In this section we will cover:

  1. Appeals
  2. Conduct
  3. Transparency


Once you have been informed of the outcome of the budgeting process for your club you may wish to appeal decisions if you are unhappy with your CSPs grant allocation.

Appeals can be made to the Clubs, Societies & Projects Board and will be reviewed by the Deputy President (Clubs & Societies), Deputy President (Finance & Services), and the Student Activities Team.

The appeals form for 2024 will be released with provisional grant allocations.

Grounds for appeal include, but are not limited to:

  • Administrative Error
  • Unjust Process

Grounds do not include:

  • Lack of information initially provided by the CSP
  • Misrepresentation of funds by the CSP

Before you submit an appeal, please also consider other sources of funding that are available or applying for a sponsorship.


If deliberate deceit is discovered during the budgeting process reviewers escalate the issue to the Student Activities Team.  This can be done either by majority vote at CSPB during the resolutions phase, or unilateral decision by either DPFS or DPCS.  The outcome will be communicated to the CSP by the Student Activities Team.  If a CSP believes that the decision is unjust they may make a formal complaint to the Union.

An outcome of budgeting deceit can be to reduce a CSP’s grant allocation to £0, or in extreme cases to escalate the issue to the Union's Members Disciplinary Process.

Submitted budgets will be judged against previous years' expenditure.  It is against CSP Policy to run funds through external bank accounts and groups will be penalised under Union Disciplinary Procedures if found to be using an external bank account.

Once allocated, grant must only be spent on the categories it is allocated to. Contravening this will be considered deceit by CSPB.  This will negatively impact the funding provided to the CSP in future.


We believe that CSP budgeting should be a fully transparent and accountable process.  As such, all budgets can be viewed by all students.

Whilst CSPB resolution meetings are not open to all students, due to capacity concerns, all CSPB minutes are made publically available.

We appreciate that Annual Budgeting can be a long and arduous process, but the multiple stages of review allow it to be a fair and transparent process for all involved.

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