CSP Elections: Everything you need to know!

This collection includes guidence in the following areas:

The Election Timetable

The Elections Team produce a timetable for each online election. This includes key dates and deadlines for all elements of the election, including:
  • Nominations
  • Manifestos 
  • Voting
  • Complaints
  • Results

The election and accompanying timtable will be announced through:

  • 'News' section of the Union website, and/or
  • Your club, society or projects' mailing list via an email sent to all members

 Elections timetable - CSP Summer Online elections 2022

The timetable for this election is as follows:

Date & Time (GMT)

Nominations Open  

12:00 01/06/2022 (Wednesday)  

Nominations Close  

14:00 13/06/2022 (Monday)  

Manifestos Due  

14:00 13/06/2022 (Monday)  

Voting Opens  

14:00 14/06/2022 (Tuesday)  

Voting Close  

12:00 17/06/2022 (Friday)  

Complaints deadline  

14:00 17/06/2022 (Friday)  

Authorisation to run results  

16:00 17/06/2022 (Friday)  

Results announced  

17:00, 17/06/2022 (Friday) 

If this timetable clashes with your CSPs schedule you should follow the opt out process, please note it is time sensitive.

Am I eligible to stand/vote in an election?

For you to be eligible to take part in an election you must be a:

  • Registered student of Imperial College London
  • Full member of the Union; this does not include Associate or Life members
  • Member of your CSP; purchased or joined via the Union website before the close of the nomination period

If you want to stand for a position you must also be a:

  • Full member for the duration of your term in office (01 August - 31 July)

If you think your are eligible to participate in an election but are having issues with eVoting, please reach out to the Election Team for help.

If you are on Interrupton of Studies (IoS) for your term in office, you are unable to hold a committee position

Do you need help?

Visit the elections FAQ - here

Management Group Committee/ Constituent Union Commitee: Your MG Chair/CU Committee is trained to help you with this topic. Please find your relevant contact here.

Union Email Contact:  activities@imperial.ac.uk 

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