FAQs: Summer Elections 2021

If you have any suggestions for questions to add to this list please contact the Activities team with the subject title: Spring Elections FAQ Suggestion. We'll do our best to respond and post the answer here for the benefit of all Clubs, Societies & Projects (CSPs).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When are the Summer Elections 2021?

The timetable for this election is as follows:

Time (GMT)
Nominations OpenWednesday 26 May 2021Noon (12pm)
Nominations CloseFriday 4 June 202114:00 (2pm)
Manifestos Upload DeadlineMonday 7 June 2021Noon (12pm)
*Online hustings and voting beginsMonday 7 June 202114:00 (2pm)
Online hustings and voting endsThursday 10 June 202114:00 (2pm)
Complaints Submission DeadlineThursday 10 June 202117:00 (5pm)
Results AnnouncedFriday 11 June 2021 

Which CSPs are involved in the Summer Elections 2021?

All CSPs will have taken part in the Summer Leadership Elections (online) in May 2021.

After discussions at the Clubs, Societies and Project Board, we have agreed with Management Group and Constituent Union committees that all CSP elections and AGMs will happen online this year, due to Covid19. This will ensure all elections are fair and democratic. The election period will be in line with our Leadership elections, which means nominations for all CSP positions for 21/22 will open on the 26 May 2021.

What if those timelines don't suit my CSP?

Please follow the process on how to opt out of online Summer Elections.

What if we are left with unfilled positions? 

Due to the restrictions on face-to-face activity, there have been low levels of engagement throughout University life, and not just within the Union and its CSPs. For this reason, we advised you focus your resources and energies in filling the core committee roles (President (or equivalent), Treasures, Secretary). 

For positions which remain vacant or where members vote to re-open nominations there will be further opportunities to elect these in future Elections.

How do I check for unfilled positions (vacancies) within my CSP?

eActivities will pick up any positions that haven’t been submitted in your Next Year Contact Details and enter this into eVoting for the Summer Elections 2021.

Tip: to find out how to check your 'Next Year Contact Details', have a look at the Next Year's Committee Contact Details article.

How can my members participate in the Summer Elections 2021?

Your members can nominate themselves, upload their manifesto and vote all via our eVoting platform.

Tip: For basic guidance on how to use the eVoting platform, you can direct your members to the How to stand and vote in an online CSP electioncollection.

How do I record who is on my CSPs committee for 2021/22 academic year?

For online elections, via the Union eVoting platform, your results have been uploaded to your Next Year Contact Details by the Union

Tip: For full guidance on how to submit your Next Year Contact Details, have a look at the Next Year's Committee Contact Details article.

I've filled all of my CSPs committee positions for 2021/22. What do I do now?

Great! We would recommend you check this has been updated correctly in eActivities, otherwise the system will pick up any un-submitted positions for re-election! You can check this by looking at your Next Year Contact Details submission.

Please note: If you have made changes to your committee positions (number of seats per position, title etc.) in the past year, we would recommend you check this has been reflected correctly in eActivities.

Any changes are approved by your Management Group, with requests for changes submitted in eActivities.

Tip: To check your committee structure change request has been approved, visit: eActivities > Administration > Clubs, Societies & Projects > Documentation > Constitution & Committee > Committee Structure.

If your committee change structure request is marked as pending, contact your Management Group Chair. 

I haven't filled all of my CSPs committee positions for 2021/22. What do I do now?

That’s ok, you don’t have to notify the Union as your unfilled (vacant) positions will be picked up by eActivities and re-entered into eVoting for election in the Summer Elections. You should however promote the election timetable and your positions directly to your members to encourage them to take part!

The only exception is if you wish to run your own remote EGM (outside of the Union eVoting platform). You'll need to ensure your EGM is run correctly, in line with the Union Minor Election By-Laws.

How can I make sure my CSPs election (within the Summer Elections 2021) are successful?

For full guidance on how your CSP can participate and make the most out of any online CSP election, held via the Union eVoting platform, please read the CSP Online Elections (eVoting)collection.

I’m having issues uploading a committee member's details; I can’t find their name/CID in the list provided. What can I do?

If you have filled a position but are experiencing issues uploading the successful candidate's details, please contact elections@imperial.ac.uk by the deadline so we can make sure their position is not included for re-election in the future Elections.

This issue sometimes occurs when a student is moving from Undergraduate to Postgraduate study, or is returning from an Interruption of Studies (IoS). In these situations, they will not show up in eActivities as the Union is waiting to receive their data from College Registry that confirms their status as a student. If you think this applies to one of your incoming committee members, contact the Union Systems team for help.

Why can't I see my Clubs’ detail on the eVoting platform?

Some Clubs have been removed from the Summer Elections 2021 eVoting platform because they had less than three members. Such low membership means they won't be able to meaningfully / truly democratically choose their three core committee members (President (or equivalent), Treasurer, Secretary)

These Clubs (whom have all been contacted) will go through to summer elections,

  • if they have more than three members by then
  • if they don't have more than three members their CSP status would change to ‘dormant’

Can I still hold an AGM?

Yes, you can hold an AGM, however the voting must take place online through the eVoting platform within the Summer Elections eVoting timescale. If you are not able to organise your AGM in time, you can separate the hustings and AGM, so for example focus on organising hustings between 7th June and 10th of June, and then hold an AGM later in the year.

I need to edit the roles that are up for election.

Constitution changes and committee structure changes must be submitted via eActivities, for your MG to approve.

You can submit these changes by going to your eActivities page , Administration > Clubs Societies & Projects > Documentation, there is more info on how to do this here https://eactivities.union.ic.ac.uk/training/articles/345

Remember these changes had to be submitted and approved by your Management Committee Chair, ready for the Union Systems Team to upload changes to our system.

If there are still changes you want to make to your committee structure and constitution you may still submit them for your MG Chair approval, but they will come in effect for the next round of CSP elections.

Tip: The Student Opportunities and Development Team are not able to action these committee structure or constitution changes via email. Please submit these via eActivities and contact your MG Chair if you have any questions.

Why have my constitution changes not updated on my committee structure? (or vice versa)

Constitution changes don't automatically update committee structure changes (and vice versa). This is something we are working to rectify. Until then you will have to submit these changes individually, we understand this means a duplication of work for you and apologise for this momentary inconvenience. In the interest of time, you may want to consider prioritising committee structure changes in preparation for eVoting.

Why are ‘Training Lead/Coaching/Instructing' roles not up for election?

This is a traditionally misunderstood category originally designed for external trainers and not for students. For these reason roles of a training purpose have been removed from eVoting.

My club is in the incubator, are we still expected to take part in eVoting?

Yes, all CSPs will have taken part in theSummer Leadership Elections (online) in May 2021.

How will Imperial Athletes affect 2nd team voting?

If you joined Imperial Athletes and expressed an interest in participating in more than one sports club please complete this additional clubs form

These dealines are in place so our Systems Team have time to upload this data on to Clubs Electoral Register in time for nominations and voting to take place. Please contact activities@imperial.ac.uk  if you have not been added to your submitted CSPs. 

Can candidates run in pairs?

Yes, two people can run for the same role as a team. But, for the purpose of our systems, one will be the lead name or 'face of the pair'. This is so that, if the pair is elected, the lead name or 'face' can be automatically updated on our system, you will then need to request for us to add the second half of the pair to their committee members list of contacts. Please send this request to activities@imperial.ac.uk and cc in your Chair or President. 

So, in short, only one nomination and only one manifesto shoudl be submited. If the pair win, only one of name will show on our eActivites and Union A-Z pages, until the other name is requested to be added.

Can I run/vote/hold a committee position whilst on interruption of study?

No, to be able to participate in elections (that is run for election, be voted in and hold office) you must be an actively enrolled and registered Imperial College student. 


Do you need help?

Management Group Committee/ Constituent Union Commitee: Your MG Chair/CU Committee is trained to help you with this topic. Please find your relevant contact here

Union Email Contact:  activities@imperial.ac.uk 

Training Week: A session was delivered on this topic during our Training Week, please find the recording and slides here.

121 Session: Available for this topic, book here

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