Frozen Accounts

What is a Frozen account?

If you've noticed that you cannot complete any financial transactions, it may be because your account is frozen. Your CSP account may be frozen if you have not completed the following: 

  • You haven't bought a membership to the CSP you're on a committee for. Please make sure you join your CSP through the A-Z Page before trying to access eActivities. This is classed as being a "Naughty Officer". Once you've purchased your membership, this flag should dissapear. 
  • You have not completed your role specific training. If any committee member has not completed the appropriate training the club accounts will be frozen until they have.
  • You have not submitted all of your Union Documentation. Each Club, Society or Project must submit documentation throughout the year in line with Union policy. If the forms are not filled in on time a group’s accounts will be frozen until they are complete.

The deadlines related to frozen accounts are shown in the table below:

DeadlineDocuments and Actions Due
1st August
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Contact Details
1st November
  • Next Year Profile Entry
  • Risk Assessment
  • Instructor Registration
  • Affiliations
  • CSP Officer Training Quizzes
  • CSP Officer Membership (Naughty Officers)
1st December
  • Next Year Contact Details

Once all of your documentation has been submitted, you will be unfrozen and normal financial transactions may occur. Management Groups and Constiuent Union committees must not approve any expenditure for groups with frozen accounts. 

If the club has any technical problems with submitting the documentation please contact Student Opportunities and Development Team

Do you need help?

Union Email Contact: 

Contact: Student Opportunities and Development Team

Training Week: This topic is an online training module only. Please contact the above for more help.

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