Types of Membership

Who is in my CSP? 

We want your CSP to attract as many members as possible, but there are some restrictions on who can be involved. Anyone who would like to join a Club, Society or Project must first be (or become) a member of Imperial College Union. The three types of membership are:

  • Full Members: All registered students of Imperial College are automatically Full Members of the Union.
  • Associate Members: College or Union staff, or any Further or Higher Education student over the age of eighteen.
  • Life Members: Someone is entitled to become a Life Member of the Union if they have been: a Full or Associate Member of the Union for at least one academic year; a Research or Teaching Assistant for at least two academic years; a member of the full time Union staff for at least two years, or a member of Imperial College London staff for at least two years.

Membership is only available to people who fit into these categories because we are a charity and our purpose is to provide services and support for our members. Furthermore, we only allocate our resources for the use of our members. Groups should not invite people who do not fall into any of these categories to join them, as they will not be covered by insurance and they could potentially be taking opportunities and resources away from our other members that we support.

Process for Purchasing Memberships

  • Associate Membership: costs £5.00 a month. This can be purchased in person from the SAC. You will need to provide proof of staff/student status.
  • Royal College of Music / Royal College of Art Associate Membership: because these institutions are our close neighbours, Associate Membership for these students costs an annual fee of £5. This can be purchased in person from the SAC or at the beginning of the academic year at their institution. They will need to provide their student ID.
  • Life Membership: costs £40 as a one-off payment. This can be purchased online.

External individuals engaged as instructors (whether paid or otherwise) are not required to become members of the Club, Society or Project, provided the services they are providing is on a purely instructional basis. If an Instructor is engaging in the general recreational activities of a Club, Society or Project, rather than merely instructing then they must become a member.

Every Club, Society & Project membership can be found on the Imperial College Union website imperialcollegeunion.org.

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