Risk Assessment, Accidents and Incidents

All activities and events come with a number of potential risks. These all need to be carefully considered during the planning and preparation stages and implemented during delivery. The aim is to ensure that everyone in attendance is safe and that there are procedures in place if something were to happen.

There are a number of articles here to assist you which cover the following topics:

  • Creating risk assessments and why you need them
  • Insurance cover
  • Personal safety
  • Reporting accidents and incidents 
CSPs are responsible for ensuring the safety of their members at their activities.

All clubs and societies must submit a yearly risk assessment before they can access their financial responsibility forms. This will cover the clubs and societies usual activities and will be uploaded on eActivities.  This will cover everything the club or society plans to do over the year, and will highlight any potential risks that the club will face and how the club are mitigating this risk. It is important to go into the appropriate level of detail for the club and society’s activities, whether that is high risk activities like caving and gliding etc or low risk activities such as a lecture on campus.

All Clubs and Societies who take part in trips and tours need to fill out a specific risk assessment for their trip or tour, taking into account the new risks they may encounter.Additional risk assessments are also required for an event or activity that is not part of your usual activity.

On campus activity

On campus activities are generally considered lower risk, depending on the size and nature of the activity taking place. 

If there is a problem with your on campus activity, you can call security on 020 7589 1000 from any phone or dial 4444 from any internal handset. They can provide first aid or guide you through a situation on the phone if they aren’t able to arrive quickly enough. They can also arrange for the emergency services to come to any campus if required.

Off campus activity

External venues will almost always require a risk assessment for their public liability insurance for most events. Please ensure your CSP fills one out and provides it if requested.

It is always useful to have a project plan for both on and off campus activities. This allows CSP’s to demonstrate how they plan to mitigate risk. It is not necessary to submit this to Imperial College Union, but it will be one of the first documents that we ask for if there is an incident.


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