Event budget approval process

All events with expenditure over £500 must complete an event budget.

From thereafter, we categorise event budgets depending on expenditure:

  1. For events under £1,000 expenditure, your budget only requires Management Group approval. Management Groups may ask to meet about a budget but there is no requirement for them to do so.
  2. For all events above £1,000 expenditure, a Deputy President must also approve the budget. The club must have a meeting with a consultative group consisting of 1 staff member and 1 sabbatical officer.

The consultative group must be drawn from the following list:

  • Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)
  • Deputy President (Finance & Services)
  • Student Activities Coordinator
  • Student Activities Manager

For this meeting, clubs should prepare their event budget and also a short proposal outlining the aims of their event, and the details of how they intend to run it.

Additionally, events over £10,000 must be approved by the Finance and Risk Committee. They are first reviewed in a meeting as with all events above £1,000 before being passed on with comments to the Head of Finance.

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