Financial Essentials


Hello and welcome to the Financial Basics Training Collection!

This collection will take you through the processes and procedures for management of money via the Union through eActivities. As a volunteer in a position of financial responsibility, you are obliged to follow these procedures.

Depending on the nature of your activities, you will have varying degrees of interaction with the Union regarding finances, however the information in this collection is fundamental reading for your role.

If you have Financial Responsibility, please fill out our Financial Responsibility Form 20/21

This collection is laid out according to 7 key themes with sub topics relating to the main theme:

  1. The Treasurer Role, Deadlines and Approval chains
  2. Claims
    1. Union's financial procedures 
    2. Registering bank details
    3. Making a claim
    4. Types of evidence
  3. Expenditure 
    1. Purchase orders 
    2. Invoices
    3. International payments
  4. Paying by credit card
    1. Submitting a credit card request
    2. Booking an appointment
    3. Making the payment
  5. Income
    1. Creating an invoice
    2. Cancelling an invoice
    3. Credit notes 
  6. Online Sales
    1. The benefits
    2. Shop administration
    3. Refunds
  7. Handling cash
    1. Cash
    2. Cheques
    3. Imprest
  8. eActivities Transfers and Corrections
    1. Internal charges
    2. Transaction corrections
    3. Members funds redistribution
  9. Savings
    1. The DMF account application
    2. Transferring money to your DMf account
    3. Viewing previous DMF transfers
    4. Viewing the DMF balance


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