Usage Charges

The information in this section does not apply to the minibus based at Silwood Park. There is a charge for the use of the minibuses which varies depending on the number of seats and the duration of the usage. Charges are applicable from September 2013.

In this article we will cover:

Cancellation Fees

Should you cancel the minibus and the Union are not able to reallocate it then a cancellation fee will apply. This is intended to deter groups from booking minibuses they are likely not to need rather than as a revenue generator. If another group is subsequently able to use the minibus then the original bookers will not be charged.


Fines are instances of Summary Punishment under the Union’s Disciplinary Policy. Hire Charges (including fines and cancellation charges) for minibuses will be made directly to Club, Society or Project accounts or by invoice to Imperial College Departments and Halls.

Usage Charges

All charges go towards the upkeep of the minibuses. Usage and fuel charges, together with any fines and cancellation charges for minibuses are made directly to Club, Society or Project accounts. Charges for Imperial College Departments and Halls are made by invoice. A proportion of all fines are donated to the College’s Student Opportunities Fund.

Any parking tickets and other fines/penalties incurred while minibuses are being driven will be the sole responsibility of the driver. If a driver’s eligibility to drive a Union minibus changes (e.g. if your licence gains any endorsements) then the change must be reported to the Union regardless of whether the changes in eligibility occurred whilst you were driving a union minibus or not.

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