Requesting a Vehicle

Please note, all activities require approval through our Activity Registration Process. Carrying out activities without a fully approved Activity Registration may result in your CSP being suspended.

Requests to use a Union Vehicle should be made using eActivities - this can be done as far in advance of the booking as needed, though a minimum of three weeks notice is recommended. Availability of vehicles can also viewed using the same section of eActivities. Ahead of requesting a vehicle please ensure you have the following information;

  • Confirmed dates for your activity
  • Union approved driver(s) who will be driving the vehicle
  • Size of vehicle required
  • What activity and funding code to be charged for the use (see here for pricing)

Allocation of Vehicles

Users may request as many minibuses as they feel they need at the same time. Requests are processed on a weekly basis and will be allocated using a first come first served basis. If we recieve more requests that vehicles available, we will allocate according to the following priorities:

Length of booking 

Longer bookings get priority over shorter bookings. This is to achieve a higher income from the transport service to allow us to the charge less per hour and ensure we sufficient funds to service and maintenance the vehicles.

Number of groups that can be accommodated 

We will prioritize fulfilling as many clubs requests as possible, this may result in a group less vehicles than requested to allow as many groups as possible to carry out their activity.

Requests from Clubs, Societies & Projects will be given priority over bookings from Halls of Residence or College Departments.

Confirmed requests will not be cancelled to fulfill another booking, and will be cancelled if the vehicle is not roadworthy.

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