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To fully support your CSP and ensure you reach maximum visibility among students, the Union provides a number of websites and systems custom built for you. At the core of club administration is eActivities (the website you're on now!) If you're interested in how to make the most of our systems, read on. 

In this article we will cover:

Introduction to eActivities

eActivities is an online platform for the administration of your Club, Society or Project.

It can be accessed by members or committee officers, however there are different permission sets for each role type, meaning only certain roles can edit or submit information. This is so that the Union is aware of a Club, Society or Projects' activities, and to create a permanent record of activities for future committees' benefit.

Accessing eActivities

To access eActivities go to www.eactivities.union.ic.ac.uk and log in using your College login.

Incoming committee officers will not receive access to eActivities until the 1st August 2021. 

This is because we run a huge system refresh where all outgoing committee members are replaced by the incoming committee. 

To guarantee access, the current Chair/President/Club Captain must submit your Next Year Contact Details before 1st August 2021. If this deadline is missed, the current Chair/President/Club Captain should email the Student Opportunities and Development Team with the following information:

  • Position
  • Full Name
  • CID Number
  • Mobile Number

Missing the deadline will slow down the process of new committee members being able to access our systems, so make sure you prioritise this!

Your role type

If you are a member of more than one Club, Society or Project, you will have a different 'role' on eActivities for each group. To see your role(s) login to eActivities and look at the right-hand side of the home page under Your Roles.

You can switch between roles by clicking on the one that you wish to use. If you have more than four roles, click on the blue Other Roles button, where a drop-down list will appear.

System permissions

The permissions you have in eActivities (to edit and submit) are linked to the type of role you have.

  • Only Principle Officers (Captain, Chair, President & Treasurer) can approve Club, Society or Project expenditure.
  • Every role's permissions are also linked to a series of online training quizzes that must be completed before you are able to carry out specific actions in eActivities, i.e. To create an online shop product, you must complete the Shop Administration Quiz. 

If you require additional permissions, please email the Student Opportunities and Development Team and we will be able to review your request on a case by case basis. 

Websites & webspace

All Clubs, Societies & Projects have their own profile page on the Union website which can be found via the Activities A-to-Z page. The Union also provides free webspace for all CSPs.

CSP Webserver Decommissioning Update 

The Union is withdrawing its website hosting service for CSPs and other student groups, including Management Groups and Constituent Unions. Websites will go offline on 1 August and will be redirected to CSP profile pages on imperialcollegeunion.org where possible. Access to servers and databases will continue to be supported throughout August. Server access and databases will be fully withdrawn on 1 September, and the servers will be decommissioned shortly after. Read on for more details. For a full update, view our 7th July newsletter. 

CSP Email accounts

Clubs, Societies & Projects are offered an institutional (@ac.uk) email address to use for club business and communicating with members. Many CSPs will have a generic club email, for example baton.twirling.club@imperial.ac.uk and a series of role-specific accounts where required, for example baton.twirling.secretary@imperial.ac.uk. 

  • To check if you have an existing account go to eActivities> Administration > Clubs, Societies & Projects > Details.
  • To request a new role account visit the Website & Emails page on the Union website.

Mailing lists

All Clubs, Societies & Projects should use College systems to communicate with members via email. This is to ensure compliance with Data Protection regulations. Currently this includes Mailman and Microsoft Office 365

Many CSPs will have a Mailman mailing list made up of members and individuals who have subscribed, and want to be kept up-to-date with your activities.

Office 365

Office 365 offers a powerful set of tools that can help you run your Club, Society or Project more effectively and help you meet your Data Protection responsibilities.

The following tools are recommended:

  • Sharepoint: secure file storage and file sharing between your committee, members and others
  • Forms: used to survey members e.g. to collect signups for your Mailing list
  • Teams: used to communicate with your committee via chat and to organise project or event documents and plans

To learn more about the tools available visit the Office 365 Groups and Sharepoint for CSPs collection.

Do you need help?

Union Email Contact:  activities@imperial.ac.uk 

Contact: Student Opportunities and Development Team

Training Week: This topic is an online training module only. Please contact the above for more help.

121 Session: Unavailable for this topic, please email the above.

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