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Policies that protect you

The wide range of skills, expertise and commitment volunteers bring enables the Union to provide activities and services which would be unimaginable without their dedication and support. As such, there are a number of Union policies to protect and enhance our volunteer’s and member’s experiences that all volunteers should be aware of.

A full list of Imperial College Union's Policies can be found on the Policy A to Z

In some circumstances those who volunteer with the Union may act inappropriately. Instances of inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with under provisions in Union Bye Law E. Outcomes can include suspension or dismissal from a volunteer role, the requirement to carry out College Service, a fine or charge being levied or in more serious cases, referral to a College Disciplinary Committee.

A summary of essential volunteer policies has been provided below.

Volunteers Policy

The Volunteers Policy provides information on volunteer recruitment, selection and dismissal; training development and recognition of volunteers; support available to volunteers; and expectations, what the Union expects of volunteers and what volunteers can expect from the Union.

Data Protection

Imperial College Union must ensure that as an organisation we are complying with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its principles. This extends to the activities and practices of our volunteers.

You can find out your responsibilities as a committee officer with respect to Data Protection in the Data Protection Collection. 

Complaints policy

In the first instance, complaints should be addressed to the President of the Union, unless the complaint is about the President, in which case they should be addressed to the Chair of the Trustee Board, via the Secretary to the Trustee Board. The Union is committed to investigating complaints within an appropriate timeframe and keep complainants informed as to progress.

To make a complaint visit the Comments & Complaints page on the Union website.

For more information on the Union’s Complaints & Disciplinary procedures, please see Bye-Law E.

Equality Opportunities policy

Imperial College Union as an employer, a service provider and a representative body for students is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all and has an Equal Opportunities Policy, which is applicable to volunteers.

Unequal treatment upon these grounds constitutes unfair discrimination. It is vital that any activities being organised by the Union do not give unequal treatment to different groups.

All Union business including that within Clubs, Societies and Projects and other volunteering opportunities will be conducted in English only excepting where an alternative is used specifically for educational purposes and does not inhibit the ability of anyone to participate

Under 18’s Policy

The Union has a number of members aged under 18. As far as is practicable the aim of the Union is to treat members aged under 18 in the same way as those aged 18 or over. There are however certain considerations the Union and the College needs to apply to those aged under 18, so a minority of the activities they can become in involved in are restricted. Further restrictions apply to students aged less than 16.

Those under 18 may not:

  • Become members of the committee of a Club, Society or Project or a Trustee of the Union
  • Participate in some opportunities advertised through Community Connections
  • Take part in activities classed as increased risk without provision of a signed parental consent form
  • Participate in residential activities (overnight) or in Union activities which take place outside of the UK
  • Take part in age-restricted activities governed by the law, such as use of the Union’s bars and screening of films

They will however be able to vote in all Union elections and join Clubs, Societies & Projects

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