Handover Checklist

Handover is a vitally important process, but often forgotten specially as they shoudl happen at the end of the academic year when exams and end of year projects are due.

In this article, we will coverthe basic sections ahanover shoudl inlcude: 

This information in each section can be used as,

  • a handover template for outgoing committee members to flesh out


  • prompt questions incoming committee members can ask at a handover meeting with their predecessors


Administration, Storage, Equipment and Bookings

Where does our Club, Society or Project (CSP) post go?

Each CSP shares a 'pigeonhole' at the Union offices. Here you will find post for your CSP.

Does your CSP have equipment stored anywhere? How do we  access the keys?

Each CSP should keep a record of equipment, the location of which can be found in your Inventory.

This can be accessed via eActivities > Administration > Clubs, Societies & Projects > Documentation > Inventory.

There are various storage locations around the Union, many of which require a key. Each storage location has an associated key list which details who has permission to use the key. This can only be updated by the current Chair/President/Club Captain of a CSP.

How to request roombooking/space/facility and the associated rules and procedures?

Before you can request a room or space within the Union or College, the Requesting Spaces validation quiz must first be completed and passed.

Information on the types of room booking and how to book space can be found in the Room Bookings Collection.

How do we  request any of the equipment that can be borrowed from the Union Reception such as a projector?

The Union hires out a small collection of shared equipment including projectors & screens, crank handles and event marshal packs. More information on how to book Union equipment can be found in the CSP & Union Equipment article.

What is the necessary documentation CSPs  must submit every year?

Each year every CSP committee is asked to provide a basic level of documentation to operate safely. This includes key documents like an Annual Risk Assessment, Inventory and Financial Responsibility Forms. To learn more about what documentation is required, visit the Safety, risk & key documentation article.



Do you know which Management Group or Constituent Union your Club, Society or Project is part of?

Each CSP is supported by their Management Group (MG) or Constituent Union (CU) Executive Committee, and are grouped with similar CSPs. For example, Choir will sit under the Arts & Entertainments Sector Management Group (AE), while Mountaineering will fall under the Recreation Sector (RE).

To learn your Management Group or Constituent Union and how to contact the committee visit the Key contacts for volunteers Collection.

What is the role of our Management Group?

To learn more about the role of your Management Group or Constituent Union visit the Management Group structure Collection. We encourage you to reach out and introduce yourselves, they have been elected just like you.

Are you aware of the requirement to attend Management Group meetings?

A key responsibility of a CSP Chair/President/Club Captain is to attend Management Group or Constituent Union meetings in order to represent the interests of your CSP and its membership. Meeting dates should be communicated by your MG/CU.


Finance and Sponsorship

Do you how where to find details of the financial position of your Club, Society or Project?

Outgoing Treasurers should have kept a record of your financial position and included this within their handover. You can however check the Transaction Pages on eActivities. Here you will find an overview of your funds, including Union Grant and your Self Generated Income (SGI) through ticket sales and merchandise etc. You can find your Transaction Pages via eActivities > Finance > Transaction Pages.

Do you know how much Union grant your Club, Society or Project has been awarded for the coming year and for what?

Your outgoing committee will have applied for Union Grant by submitting an Annual Budget for the upcoming academic year. This budget sets out proposed activities and events and their income and expenditure. This should give you a good understanding of the costs behind your CSPs activities and how much Union Grant you have been awarded to subsidise this. You can find your Annual Budget via eActivities > Finance > Budgeting > Annual Budgeting.

If your Club, Society or Project is in debt are you aware of the repayment plan?

Some CSPs find themselves in historic, long-term debt. It is part of your responsibility as an incoming committee officer to continue working towards repayment. You should have a debt repayment plan in place that outlines how you will re-coup this income, agreed with the Deputy President (Fianance & Services).

Has your new Treasurer obtained the bank paying in book for the Club, Society or Project?

In order to pay in any cash you collect for your society, your Treasurer must provide a paying in slip to use at the bank (any NatWest branch). Ask your outgoing Treasurer for your paying in book if it hasn't been handed over. If this is not possible, you can get a new book from the Union Reception. To learn more about handling cash.

If you have received sponsorship or donations from external organisations? Who is the main contact for each sponsor?

It's crucial you maintain your relationship with sponsors and partners for the benefit of your CSP and members.

Are you aware of any bids for sponsorship which have been made by your predecessors for next year and do you have copies of the contracts?

Any important documentation such as contracts and sponsorship proposals should be provided by the outgoing Treasurer. 


Email, Website and Systems

Are you aware of the password for your Club, Society or Project email account?

Any logins and passwords should be passed over by the outgoing Secretary or other committee officers. If after 01 August you still cannot access your CSP email, contact the Opportunities & Development team who can re-set your password. You will need to provide us your email login and/or the full email address.

If your Club, Society or Project has a mailman email list provided by ICT, do you know the administrator password?

Any logins and passwords should be passed over by the outgoing Secretary or other committee officers. To learn more about Mailman, the College's mailing list platform visit the Mailing Lists article.

Do you know about eActivities, how to login and what you can use the system for?

eActivities is the Union's online administration system for student volunteers and Union staff. For a brief introduction to eActivities visit the eActivities, website & systems for CSPs article.

Are you aware of the Union’s web policy?

Here at the Union we have a number of policies to guide how things work. The Web Conduct policy provides a brief overview of the expectations we hold for members of the Union, including CSP officers, and the standard of behaviour we expect online.

If you have a new person responsible for your Club, Society or Project website have they requested access to the server?

Any logins and passwords should be passed over by the outgoing Secretary or other committee officer(s) responsible for your website. If your website is hosted on the Union server, you can request access. To learn more about this, visit the Website & Emails page on the Union website.

Are you aware of your Data Protection responsibilities?

As a committee officer and volunteer, you hold a position of responsibility within the Union. It is expected that you and your fellow committee officers will work in line with the principles of Data Protection. To learn more about Data Protection and how this relates to your CSP visit the Data Protection Collection.


Activities, Events, Trips and Tours

Are you aware of the Union’s rules around publicity of your events and activities?

Familiarising yourself with the Union Publicity Policy. This includes agreed poster locations on campus and use of the Union logo.

Are you aware of the rules surrounding guest speaker events hosted on and off campus?

The Union and College are bound by the government’s Prevent Duty, a legal duty relating to the vetting and approval of guest (external) speakers. This relates to events both on and off-campus.

There is an External Speakers  approval process in place. You can learn more about this at the Freedom of Speech and Event Approval policy.

Do you know where to find information about holding large one-off events?

If your CSP traditionally run large or one-off events annually, details of how to run these events/activities should be provided by the outgoing committee in their handover. If you are looking to run a new large or one-off event and you could do with some advice or support, feel free to reach out to the Opportunities & Development team.

Do you know if the outgoing committee have committed to holding any events next year already?

It's important to check if any commitments have been made already as this will affect your budget and what other events and activities you can reasonably run.

Has any space been booked for your Club, Society or Project for next year? (please note this is on hold during the COVID Pandemic)

During the summer term, the Opportunities & Development team ask that all CSPs submit an Annual Room Booking request where required. This is for your regular activities and will ensure space for you to carry out your events and activities over the course of the academic year. 

Are you aware of how to request a minibus or coach?

You can find detailed instructions on how to do this in the Minibuses Collection.



Do you have a list of your Club, Society or Projects’ equipment?

Your outgoing committee should have completed an inventory, recorded in eActivities with details of any equipment owned by your CSP. You can find your inventory, along with previous versions at eActivities > Administration > Clubs, Societies & Projects > Documentation > Inventory.

Are you aware of what maintenance needs to be carried out to your Club, Society or Project’s equipment over the next 18 months?

This might include PAT Testing for any electrical items you own, or replacing old or worn equipment that could pose a risk to members. If you would like advice on how to dispose of equipment, or to arrange a PAT test contact the Opportunities & Development team.

Does your CSP uses instructors, do you know how to contact them, how much they cost and what your agreement with them is?

Your outgoing committee should have completed the Instructors form, recorded in eActivities with details of any instructors used by your CSP. You can find your Instructors form, along with previous instructors at eActivities > Administration > Clubs, Societies & Projects > Documentation > Instructors.

It is important you have copies of any agreements or contracts, including payment rates and copies of their qualifications and other documentation i.e. Insurance. If you are unsure of this, or have not received this information from the outgoing committee, contact MOVE Imperial. 

Do you need help?

Management Group Committee/ Constituent Union Commitee: Your MG Chair/CU Committee is trained to help you with this topic. Please find your relevant contact here

Union Email Contact:  activities@imperial.ac.uk 

Contact: Student Opportunities and Development Manager

121 Session: Available for this topic, book hereOR Unavailable for this topic, please email the above

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