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Updating your CSP's A-Z Page

Your CSP's A-Z page is the first place potential members look to see what type of group you are, what activity you get up to and most importantly, where they buy your membership. This is a great space for you to show students really what you're about and entice them in, so it's super important you get it right!

Before beginning this article and editing your A-Z Page, you will need to prepare the following:

  • A 250 word description of your CSP (Large Profile), that includes what you get up to, the days you meet, what type of activities you provide and how to get involved. This is the text which gets shown on you A-Z page.
  • A short 30 word description of your CSP (Smaller Profile) that can be used by the Union when promoting your group.
  • Links to any additional social media or places students can find you (Instagram, TikTok!)
  • A profile picture or logo (minimum 800px x 300px)


  1. Log onto using your student login.
  2. Go to Administration > Clubs, Societies & Projects > Documentation > Profile Entry.
  3. Previous Profile Entries: This page can be used for inspiration, or to see what the current and previous Profile Entries have been. We reccomend this is viewed before updating. 
  4. Fill in Large Profile text, Small Profile text and upload your photo/logo
  5. Submit Profile Entry: Once you're happy with your profile, submit this button and it will create a new Profile Entry (CSP A-Z Page information). 


I made a mistake, can I update the page again?

Yes! Please just follow the previous instructions and resubmit. 

I can't seem to find the upload your photo/log section?

Don't worry, this only appears once the Large Profile text and Small Profile text has been submitted.

Do you need help?

Union Email Contact: 

Contact: Student Opportunities and Development Team

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