The Review Process

Management Group Review (MG1 and MG2)

During MG1, your own management group reviews your budget.  MG1 may query your budget back to you, giving you a chance to make requested changes and improvements.  It is important to keep an eye on your emails to make sure you make all the changes before the deadline.  MG1 may set a tighter deadline that the final submission date to ensure they have a chance to review your changes.

Your management group can be determined by looking at the initials before your CSPs name on eActivities:

  • SP = Sports
  • RE = Recreation
  • AE = Arts & Entertainments
  • KN = Knowledge
  • ICSMSU = Imperial College School of Medicine Students' Union
  • RSMU = Royal School of Mines Union
  • RCSU = Royal College of Science Union
  • CGCU = City and Guilds College Union
  • Silwood = Silwood Park
  • CF = Community
  • CT = Culture
  • NAI = New Activities Incubator (societies that are new!)

The management groups in bold have student representatives who can be found here.

The management groups in italics do not have student reps.  These groups should reach out to the DPCS, DPFS or Student Activities Team for support during budgeting.  Links for meetings and other support can be found in the next section.

Once MG1 has reviewed your budget and allocated grant, MG2 (a different MG) will review MG1's allocations and make their own.

CSPB Resolutions

Clubs, Societies & Projects Board (CSPB) will meet once budgeting closes to discuss grant allocations.  Where MG1 and MG2 have agreed in their grant allocations, CSPB will normally award the funding.  Where MG1 and MG2 have disagreed in their allocations, CSPB will make a final decision.

It is the job of CSPB to ensure that all grant allocations follow Annual Budgeting Policy and Student Group Funding Policy.

Scaling & Adjustment

Once CSPB has allocated grant to every CSP, there may be a need to scale all allocations to fit the total available funding.  This process will be done by the DPFS and DPCS.

In rare cases, adjustments may be made where CSP misconduct or other factors have been taken into account.


After the scaling & adjustment period, provisional grant allocations will be released!  At this point, if a CSP wishes to appeal their allocation they may do so.

The appeals procedure can be found here.

Final Allocations

Once all appeals have been processed the provisional allocations will be taken to the Union's Board of Trustees, to be ratified.  Final allocations will then be released to all CSPs!

Head to the next section to understand the appeals process, CSP conduct, and how we keep budgeting a transparent and fair process.

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