Minor Elections rules

The Union Minor Elections Bye-Laws have been reproduced below. The Returning Officer (RO) of the CSP election should uphold these rules for the duration of the election period.

The Minor Election Bye-Laws apply to, and are the election rules for Club, Society & Project AGMs and EGMs (off-line elections)



1. These Bye-Laws shall apply for all elections not covered by the Major Elections Bye-Laws.

The Returning Officer (RO)

2. The body holding an election will appoint an appropriately qualified person to act as the Returning Officer, who must be a Member of the Union.

3. The Returning Officer shall:

3.1. Be the initial interpreter of the Minor Elections Bye-Laws and any election regulations

3.2. Be responsible to the President, who shall be the final interpreter should dispute occur.

3.3. Oversee the count and declare the results of the elections.

3.4. Set rules, regulations and guidelines other than these Bye-Laws to govern the conduct of the election.

3.5. Seek legal advice if he/she believes that statements made or the contents of publicity could leave the Union open to legal action.

3.6. Rule out of order any statement or the content of any publicity which in the RO’s view is in breach of the constitution, the law or any other appropriate rules and guidelines.

3.7. Be empowered to issue warnings to candidates

3.8. Be empowered to ask the President to remove candidates from the election at any point in accordance with these election Bye-Laws and any rules and regulations issued in accordance with the above.

3.9. Be empowered to order recounts, or declare election processes null and void.


4. The President is the ultimate official competent to deal with complaints regarding the conduct of candidates, their supporters and campaigns, and the administration of elections.

5. Complaints regarding the conduct of the Returning Officer shall be referred to the President. The onus is on the complainant to set out such complaints in writing for the President's consideration.

The Process of Elections

6. The Returning Officer shall produce an election timetable, which shall outline:

6.1. The process for nomination

6.2. Details for the submission of manifestos

6.3. Arrangements for the ballot

7. The Returning Officer shall produce details of the arrangements for balloting and for complaints procedures, and ensure that they are publicised to all Members of the Union who are eligible to vote in the election being held no less than five (5) clear College days in advance of the nominations period opening.

8. The election will be conducted in accordance with the rules outlined by the Electoral Reform Society for running elections by the Single Transferable Vote system for elections with more than one position available, and the Alternative Vote system for elections with one position available.

9. The Returning Officer shall ensure that any additional details, or amendments to the arrangements, are publicised to all students in a timely fashion.

10. No candidate may challenge the result of the election once the count has been held.


11. Nomination forms will be available to all Members eligible to stand for election, in accordance with the body’s constitution or standing orders

12. It shall be the responsibility of nominees to ensure that nomination forms are completed accurately and submitted before the deadline.

13. The Returning Officer shall have the sole responsibility for declaring a submitted nomination form valid.


14. Manifestos must be submitted by the date laid down in the election timetable and must comply with any format requirements stipulated by the Returning Officer.

Campaign Publicity

15. No allowance will be made available to candidates for publicity.

16. The Returning Officer must stipulate an amount that candidates may also spend on their own election campaigns.

17. All candidates shall have an equal publicity allowance.

18. The Returning Officer shall draw up regulations for the conduct of candidates’ campaigns. Any breach of these regulations could lead to disqualification from the election.


19. Any candidate may withdraw from the election at any point by informing the Returning Officer.

20. If a candidate withdraws during the ballot, or after a point at which the ballots cannot be amended, the Returning Officer will ensure that the voters’ next preferences are counted in accordance with the principles of the Electoral Reform Society.


21. The Returning Officer will ensure that all eligible members of the Union can vote.

22. The Returning Officer shall decide the method of voting and publicise it appropriately.

23. There will be a facility for voting for “Re-Open Nominations”.

24. Voting shall be by secret ballot


25. Results of the election shall be declared by the Returning Officer when the count for each post has been successfully completed.

By-Elections and Co-Options

 26. By-Elections shall be held at an Extraordinary General Meeting and in accordance with these Bye-Laws as though they were ordinary Minor Elections.

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