Reporting accidents & incidents

The College and Union have a legal responsibility under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations to have effective arrangements in place to manage health and safety.

These arrangements include the requirement to investigate why accidents and incidents take place so lessons can be learnt and apply to avoid such things reoccurring.

You can read here the details of various types and definitions of accidents and incidents, including,

  • injury
  • near miss
  • property damage or loss
  • sporting incident
  • injuries
  • disease
  • dangerous occurrences
  • fire incident
  • security incident
  • environmental incident
  • hazardous material release
  • building/facility-related incident
  • site partner incident

Of course avoiding accident and incidents is the best policy which is why we have the Activity registration and Risk assessment process.

Risk assessments help guide your thinking on how to minimise risks, and pre plan what you would do if an accident did happen. Plese ensure the people organising the event/trip know what the Risk Assessments includes, this way organisers won’t have to think on their feet in an emergency.


1. Do what is necessary at the time to resolve this incident. Do your best to make sure everyone is alright including yourself. Someone to take charge of the situation and someone else to focus on the rest of the group.

If an accident occurs on-campus

  • Call security on 020 7589 1000 from any phone or dial 4444 from any internal handset. They can provide first aid or guide you through a situation on the phone if they aren’t able to arrive quickly enough. They can also arrange for the emergency services to come to any campus if required.

If an accident occurs off-campus

  • Call 999 for the emergency services if necessary. Call the recovery services for vehicle break downs, take a participant to A&E for a simple injury.
  • As soon as possible (when the situation is under control), call Imperial College Security on +44 (0) 20 7589 1000 to report the incident.

2. In the first instance, the person suffering the accident or observing the near miss should complete the incident notification online report form. Please see powerpoint guidance on Reporting an Incident (ppt)

If the person involved is unable to complete the form themselves, then a supervisor or colleague should do so. 

Note: The form is also accessible via VPN, so it is possible to complete a report from remote locations (e.g. trips or tours incidents) if necessary.

3. Put time aside to reflect as a committee, event or activity organisers. This would be the time to review your risk assessments to put plans in place and ensure such incidents or accidents do not happen again.


Below you will find links to all relevant policies that relate to this process. 

If a policy has expired, rest assured we will be reviewing it as soon as possible. For more information about policies and how they're passed, please contact the Deputy President Clubs & Societies, 


What is a critical incident?

These are serious incidents which are likely to require emergency services and the professional staff at the College to resolve. This would include:

  • A death or multiple or serious injuries of a participant
  • Participants missing, overdue or in other immediate danger
  • Serious illness or hospital admission
  • Arrest or detention by Police or other security services
  • Participants being a victim of a criminal incident
  • Serious Road Traffic Accident 
  • Any situation where the emergency services are involved
  • Any situation which is likely to bring the College into disrepute
  • Any situation where the media are attending or may attend or have an interest in
Should I contact the next of kin?

Under no circumstances should any member of a club society or project contact the next of kin of a fellow participant. If the next of skin need to be contacted, called the Critical Incident Phone number. + 44 ( 0 ) 207 589 1000.

Will I get in trouble for reporting an accident or incident?

The staff who answer the College Security Phone have extensive experience in dealing with incidents. Most things have been seen before so do not be afraid of calling. The number is staffed 24 hours, every day of the year.

Calling the phone number and providing information about the incident will also allow a briefing to be given to the College Press Office - this is an important consideration as there is generally a large amount of media interest in incidents involving students.

The Press has got in contact or is asking questions, what shall I say?

Do not talk to the press and certainly do not attempt to sell storeys to the press.

Do you need help?

If you are in an emergency off campus call 999, or if you are in an emergency on campus call Security on 020 7589 1000 from any phone or dial 4444 from any internal handset.

Union Email Contact: (Rachel Sunderland)

Contact: Student Opportunities and Development Manager

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