Personal Safety


Some of your roles may involve crossing roads and traffic:

  • Don't text and cross the road
  • Watch out for cyclist
  • Look both ways
  • Be aware that some drivers may not stop at zebra crossings

Personal Safety 

Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming when you start University, there may be a chance that some new students may come to you with a number of serious issues. 

If they seem upset, you may want to comfort them, which is fine (see empathy vs sympathy video covered a few weeks ago), but it is not your role to give them any advice, please make sure that you tell them to contact the Union advice centre on
  • Ensure that you do not give out any personal information
  • Please do not "flirt with" any new or current students while you are volunteering, as it's inappropriate
  • If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, please tell a member of staff straight away
  • Do not drink alcohol whilst you are volunteering, especially if wearing a volunteer t-shirt
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