How to run an AGM: after

It is important that what happens after your election remains fair and democratic. This includes counting and recording the results, accouncing the results to your members and dealing with any complaints or objections.

How to run an AGM: after the elections

To successfully conclude your AGM you must arrange:

Dealing with complaints & objections

In some elections, candidates or others may feel that the process has not be conducted fairly; unfair practices have occurred e.g. bribery; or the election has not been run in accordance with the Union’s Minor Elections Bye-Laws or the CSPs Constitution. Any objections should in the first instance be referred to the RO who should resolve them if they are able.

If a complaint relates to any unfair practices by candidates or others acting on their behalf it shall be dealt with by the Union Elections Team. Examples of unfair practice may include:

  • Disobeying the instructions of the RO
  • Taking unfair advantage of any publication
  • Deliberately sabotaging another candidates campaign
  • Tampering with votes
  • Intimidating any participants in the election
All complaints relating to CSP elections should be sent to the Elections Team.


No nominations & EGMs

    In the case a position receives no nominations, Re-open Nomination (RON) wins an election, or a committee member resigns, you will need to hold an Extrordinary General Meeting (EGM).

    To read more about how to run an EGM, visit the Resignations, EGMs & Online By-elections article.

    Recording the results

    The results of your election will need to be recorded in eActivities to give the incoming committee access in time for the system refresh on 01 August

    To learn how to record your results, visit the Next Year's Committee Contact Details article.


    Have a look at our election FAQ's  

    Do you need help?

    Management Group Committee/ Constituent Union Commitee: Your MG Chair/CU Committee is trained to help you with this topic. Please find your relevant contact here.

    Union Email Contact: 

    Contact: Student Opportunities and Development Manager.

    Training Week: A session was delivered on this topic during our Training Week, please find the recording and slides here.

    121 Session: Available for this topic, book here.

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