Compliance with Health & Safety (Strikes)

Your Health & Safety is our main priority at the Union and should be your Club, Society or Projects'. The Union will continue to lobby for and facilitate in-person activities as much as we can, but we need CSP committees to ensure their activities are following their authorised risk assessments. Risk assessments aren't just a useless document you spend hours on and then throw in a drawer - they are there to help mitigate risks, keep your activity safe and can work as instructions on how to do so. In this article, we will cover the following: 

Your Health & Safety Obligations

If you are organising in-person activity, it must be authorised by the Union, and fit into our allowed in-person activity criteria. Once you have agreed on what activities you would like to do in-person, you must submit your Activity Registration Form for initial authorisation, Risk Assessment Approval and Final Sign Off. This will allow the Student Opportunities & Development Team to do the following:

  1. We will assess your activity against our criteria and grant initial authorisation based on the information you have given us
  2. Once you have uploaded your risk assessment, we will review this and ensure it covers risks associated with your activity, risk associated with Covid-19 and travel to the activity, if necessary
  3. If your activity is deemed a "One" (High) it will then have final sign off by the Head of Membership. All Tier Two and Three Risk Assessments will have final sign off by either the Student Opportunities & Development Manager, Deputy President Finance & Services or the Deputy President Clubs & Societies 

Once your activity has been given Final Sign Off, you will be notified that your activity is ok to go ahead - but this is not where your obligations end. When planning and executing your event, you must also complete the following: 

  • Collect and submit your attendee list to the Student Opportunities & Development Team at least 48 hours in advance - email to 
  • Fulfil your Risk Assessment's mitigations. Every mitigation for risks must be carried out for your Risk Assessment to be of worth. For example, if you say you will all wear masks for the entire of the event, all attendees must wear masks for the whole of the event. 
  • Follow Imperial's Code of Conduct: attending College during Covid-19. Whether your event is in-person on campus or in-person at an external venue, you are expected to uphold the code of conduct outlined by the College in relation to Covid-19. 

Remember, we have put this system in place to ensure that activity can go ahead - we want it to as much as you do. But failure to do any of the above may result in a strike against your CSP and additional restrictions against the type of activity you can do. 

Our Two Strike System

Our new two strike system has been introduced to manage reports from staff and students that CSPs are not complying with their Health & Safety Obligations. Any report made by a CSP must include the following:

  • An outline of why the report is being made
  • The date, time, name of CSP and name of event
  • Evidence that the CSP has broken it's risk assessment/code of conduct obligations. This could be:
    • Screenshots from social media
    • Other eye witnesses

Reports should be sent to the inbox. These will be reviewed by the Deputy President Finance & Services, Deputy President Clubs & Societies and the Student Opportunities & Development Manager.

Report and Strike Restrictions 

The Union will keep a record of all reports made against CSPs - including reports that do not include evidence. This is to ensure we can keep a record of repeat behaviour from CSPs.


Report and Strike Restrictions

Report/StrikeActions by the UnionCSP Activity Restrictions
Report - no evidence attachedAn email will be sent to the CSP email account from the Student Opportunities & Development Team, outlining that a report has been made but not upheld on this occasion. 
  • No further restrictions. 
Strike OneAn automated email will be sent to the CSP email account with the reason for the strike and a warning. 
  • No further restrictions.
  • The SO&D Team will do random checks on activity.
  • Relevant third-parties will be informed of Strike One. 
Strike TwoAn automated email will be sent to the CSP email account with the reason for the strike. The email will include when the CSP is allowed to resume in-person activity. 
  • No in-person activity is authorised for 6 weeks from the date the strike has been issued. 
  • Relevant third-parties will be informed of Strike Two. 
Additional Strike(s)An email will be sent to the committee from the Deputy President Clubs & Societies, outlining further action to be taken. 
  • No in-person activity is authorised until 30/06/2021. Failure to comply will result in the CSP being suspended indefinately. 

Appeals Process

If you would like to appeal any report or strike, please submit a request to the Student Opportunities and Development Manager, Rachel Sunderland,  

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