Activity Registration Process

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This article will show a walkthrough of how to use the Application Registration form. Your account is linked to your relevant role account, please use these when trying to login. If you have any issues with the decisions around each approval stage please contact If you have any issues about the app (i.e. not being to access or not seeing anything when logged in) please contact

Process Overview

Group Dashboard

When you are on the welcome screen, you will see a button that says "Choose Group", pressing this button will direct you to a page where you can select the group you wish to manage activity applications from. Once you have selected the one you want from the dropdown (if you have more than one), then click the submit button and this will redirect you to your group's dashboard.

Activity Registration

Activity Application

Your group's dashboard contains a button "Register New Activity" and this will direct you to the Activity Application Form. You need to fill out this form if you're doing an online activity.

The below points dictates the information required in each field of the activity application form:

  • Acitivty Name - Please give a descriptive name for your activity
  • Activity Description - Give as much detail about your activity, the more detailed and accurate the description the more likely the late stages will be approved
  • Reason why your activity must occur in-person - This must give all the information detailed here, if you want your activity sponsored by a College department, please put that in this box. Note you do not need to fill this box out if you are running an online activity.
  • Activity Dates & Times - Use the fields about this box to add dates and times (once you have chosen your date & time click the '+' button and it will be added to the list. If you wish to remove a date & time please highlight it and press the 'bin' button.
  • Where? - Tell us where you will be doing your activity. Note there is an online option and if this is selected it will mean you don't need to fill out the 'Reason why your activity must occur in-person' field

Please give it a couple of days for the application to be approved or rejected, you will receive an email with the decision that is made. Staff approving your activity may change your "Where?" field to online, but this will be stated in the notes section of your approval email, if this is the case then you must move your activity online.

Initial Authorisation

The initial authorisation tab has 3 sub-tabs associated with it which you will find information about below:

  • Awaiting Authorisation - This tab shows all the applications that are awaiting a decision from staff to be made. You can "delete" your application if you change your mind on wanting to run your activity or want to submit a different version.
  • Rejected - This tab shows all applications that have been rejected, it will show on each activity application the reason for rejection. The decision made is final.
  • Approved - This tab shows all applications that have been successful (including any that have been approved at further stages in the process).

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment tab has 4 sub-tabs associated with it which you will find information about below:

  • Awaiting Upload - This shows all applications that are awaiting a risk assessment to be uploaded and allows you to download the risk assessment template which you can find here. Once you click the "Upload Risk Assessment" button it will launch a pop-up for you to submit an application. Please check to see if any details have changed (i.e. your activity has been moved online), with any questions please forward to
  • Awaiting Authorisation - This shows all applications that have had a risk assessment uploaded. It also allows you to view your risk assessment (will open in a seperate browser tab) and delete your risk assessment. If you delete your risk assessment, it will move your application back a stage to "Awaiting Upload" and allow you to resubmit a new risk assessment.
  • Rejected - This tab shows all rejected risk assessments. You may see a "New Risk Assessment" button which will allow you to re-upload a revised version of your risk assessment, and the reasons for you to revise your risk assessment will be provided in the reason for rejection on that page.
  • Approved - This tab shows all activities that have had risk assessment approved.

Final Decision

The final decision is a process where we check everything we have (from room bookings, to having the relevant College department sign off your activity) is all in order. If your activity is fully approved (and only when it is fully approved) will your activity be allowed to go ahead. 

The final decision tab has 3 sub-tabs associated with it which you will find information about below:

  • Awaiting Final Sign Off - This tab shows all applications awaiting their final sign off
  • Rejected - This tab shows all activities that have been rejected. The rejection reason will state why it has been rejected, but if you have any more questions about why it has been rejected please contact
  • Fully Approved - This tab shows all activities that have been fully approved.

Attendance Lists

From Monday 2nd November 2020, you will no longer be required to send your attendee list 48 hours in advance of the event. You will now need to: 

  • Collect your attendee list before or on the day of the in-person activity. This can be done through sign ups/ticket sales or an attendance register.  
  • File all attendee lists in your CSP’s data system.  

IF a Covid-19 Outbreak happens, the Union will request your attendee lists so we can support you in contacting potential close cases. If you cannot provide attendee lists when a report has been made, your CSP will receive a strike, so please make sure you are keeping your attendee lists for three weeks (from the date of the last event).  

Please note: Attendee lists should not be kept for longer than three weeks in your own data system.  

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