Imprests and cash floats

When goods or services must be paid for by cash, it is possible to obtain an advance of money from the Union called an imprest. These can only be given to full members of the Union (current students) who agree to take full personal responsibility for the amount advanced.

Imprests are commonly used for event cash floats or when on tour for motorway tolls, accommodation or where foreign currency is required. 


Requesting an imprest

On eActivities, go to Finance > Expenditure > Imprests.The form below should appear.

Complete the imprest details

You will need to select bank details to receive the imprest (see the Registering your bank details section in the Expense claims article for advice on how to do this), the total amount required, the date you will return any unspent funds or provide receipts for purchases made from the imprests and any notes you feel are relevant.

Next, complete the details of the description, account, activity, funding and consolidation codes together with the gross (including VAT) unit price and quantity for each item that you are requesting the imprest for, in line with the supplier’s quote where applicable.

Submit the imprest request

When you have finished click Commit. Depending on the value of the imprest it may require further approval, details are given on the Expenditure approvals page.

Once the imprest has been fully authorised you will receive the required amount to your bank account. You can then withdraw it using your bank's procedures, e.g. from ATM or a bank counter. 

If you require the imprest to be withdrawn in certain denomination (e.g. for a event cash float on the door) you should contact your bank for assistance.


Uploading receipts

If you have used the imprest to cover any expenditure you will need to submit all the receipts for your purchase before the return date you specified in the imprest request. Go to Finance > Expenditure > Imprests > Authorised Imprests. Select the imprest you want to submit the receipts for. Upload scans or good quality photos of the receipts. If you have not spent all the money that you requested please follow the procedure below.


Returning unspent money

If you have not spent all of the imprest money you will need to return the unspent money to the Union.

The simplest way to do this is to arrange a bank transfer to the Union’s account (account number 00618152 sort code 51-50-01) with the payment reference “Imprest XX” where XX is the number of the Imprest (shown in brackets after the word “Imprest” on eActivities). Please then email Union Finance Team to let them know that the money has been returned.

If you are unsure of how to do this or would like to return the funds by cash or cheque please contact the Union Finance Team.

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