After the trip / tour

In this article we will cover:

Trip or Tour Report

While the trip or tour is still fresh in your memory you should write a trip or tour report. This is mandatory for any tours funded through the Clubs, Societies & Projects Board as the funding comes from external sources, but it is useful for all trips.

A trip or tour report informs the rest of your Club, Society or Project of what you have been doing and encourages them to come on the next venture. Most sponsors and donors will want to see a copy of the full trip or tour report, so make sure it is accurate and well presented, as well as being written soon after the end of the event.

In addition to a full written report it is good to write a summarised version which can be used as a publicity tool to advertise your event and encourage more people to become involved in your Club, Society or Project. This type of report can be sent to Felix for possible publication (contact the Felix Editor for details), included on your website or the Union or College website. For more information about publishing reports see the Marketing & Publicity training.


At the end of your trip you should make a note of what went well and, if anything, what went wrong. This is useful to know as it is likely that you, or your Club, Society or Project will run a similar trip in the future. For this purpose it is also useful to save all this information in one place (your shared drive for example) for future Club, Society or Project committees to use.

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