Recognition as a 'Tour': Funding

The Clubs, Societies & Projects Board (CSPB) holds a fund of money to be allocated to Clubs, Societies & Projects to help fund their tours. The tour fund is divided into Winter, Spring, and Summer, and applications for each section are made in October, January, and May, respectively.

All Clubs, Societies & Projects can apply for a subsidy to cover up to 40% of travel costs. Funding is approved dependent on whether the proposal is accepted as a tour. This is decided at the Tours meeting of the Clubs, Societies & Projects Board. Clubs, Societies & Projects can only submit one tour proposal for each funding period.

For more information, please refer to the Tours Policy.

If a policy has expired, rest assured we will be reviewing it as soon as possible. For more information about policies and how they're passed, please contact the Deputy President Clubs & Societies, 

Definition of a Tour

An activity must fall within the following criteria to be considered as a tour:

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