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Below you will find definitions for key terms talked about in this collection.


An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) follows the same format as an AGM and will simply afford another opportunity for your CSP to find candidates to fill vacant positions.

Tip:To find out more about EGMs, visit the Resignations, EGMs & Online By-electionsarticle.


eVoting is the Union's online platform used to administer and conduct elections.

eVoting can be found at:
Tip: To find out more about how members can use eVoting to take part in online elections, take a look at the How to stand and vote in an online CSP election collection.

Management Group

All CSPs at Imperial are grouped into what we call Management Groups (MGs), or in the case of Departmental societies, Constituent Unions (CUs). These are made up of similar interest groups, which are named accordingly, for example: Arts & Entertainments Sector and SportsSector. MGs are run by a small committee of experienced student volunteers with a knoweldge base tailored to your CSP.

Tip: To learn more about your Management Group, have a look at the Where you fit as a Club, Society or Project article.

Minor Election Bye-Laws

Bye-Laws are part of the key governing documents of the Union. They set out how the Union is run, which includes elections. The Minor Election Bye-Laws apply to Club, Society & Project elections while the Major Election Bye-Laws apply to roles which are elected by cross-campus ballot e.g. Liberation & Community Officers, Union President and Deputy Presidents etc.

Tip: To read the Minor Election Bye-Laws in full, have a look at the Minor Election Rules article.

Next Year's Contact Details

Simply put, your Next Year's Contact Details form is what you submit to the Union so we know who is taking over your CSPs committee next year.

We need this in order to both contact your incoming committee with important information and updates, and to give them systems access to eActivities from 01 August when their role officially starts.

Tip: To learn more about how to submit the form, have a look at the Next Year's Committee Contact Details article.

Returning Officer

The Returning Officer (RO) is the individual responsible for overseeing the election. For most CSP elections, the RO is the current Chair/President, however there may be special provisions in your CSP Constitution for who this should be. 

They must be a member of the Union and must be someone who is not standing for any of the positions in the election. They should be someone who is organised and fair. The full role and responsibilities of the RO can be found in the Minor Elections Bye-Laws.

Tip: To learn about what you should do before your AGM or EGM, visit the How to run an AGM: before article, which includes advice on appointing a Returning Officer

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