Refund Index & Definitions

Below you will find definitions for key terms talked about in this collection.

Credit Note

A credit note is a document used by the supplier to confirm you (the customer) are to be credited with a certain amount of money.

Credit notes are typically used by suppliers when you have been overcharged (e.g. the invoice you paid was incorrect).

In this case, a credit note is important as it confirms in writing that your CSP are owed money from your supplier. The Union Finance team need this to pay the money refunded into your CSPs account.

CSP Account Code

The easiest way to find out your account code is to login to eActivities. Here you will find a three-digit code at the end of your CSP name.

For example:


AE = Arts & Entertainment     D = Dance (Arts & Entertainment sub-group)     

149 = CSP account code

Product Code (Union Online Shop)

For each trip/tour/event/activity setup on the Union Online Shop, you will receive a productcode. This is used to identify the product and the associated ticket(s).

Product codes can be found in eActivities.

Step 1: Go to the Finance page of eActivities

Go to and navigate through the tabs: Finance > Income

Step 2: Select your method of income

Select the 'Shop Administration' tab

Step 3: Select the summary of purchases made

Select the 'Purchases Summary' tab

Here you will be taken to the 'Purcahse Reports' tab, and presented with a list of all shop products you have sold, categorised by academic year.

Step 4: Find the product code

The product code will be at the top of the purchase summary, next to the MS Excel icon.

In this example, the product code is '32280'.

Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation for your original payment method can be found and downloaded from eActivities.

Step 1: Go to the Finance page of eActivities

Go to and navigate through the tabs: Finance > Expenditure.

Step 2: Select your method of payment

Select the tab for the relevant method of payment.

For example, 'Purchase Orders'.

Step 3: Select your authorised payments

Select the tab titled 'Authorised [method of payment]'.

For example, 'Authorised Purchase Orders'. You will then be presented with a list of authorised payments you have made.

Step 4: Select the order number

Click the relevant order number

This will be highlighted in blue. Choose the order number for the payment you need supporting documentation for.

Step 5: Download 

Click the pdf. icon in the top right-hand corner to download a copy of the Purchase Order

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