Use of Space Guidelines

When it comes to actually using a college space on the day of an event there are a number of considerations. Above all be considerate to other building users.

Failure to take due care can result in anything from the removal of your room booking rights and/or existing bookings to formal College disciplinary procedures being taken against you.

This list includes most of the things expected of you but is not an exhaustive list:

  • Return the space to its neutral state. This will usually be the state in which it was found.
  • Take a picture with a camera or mobile phone of the room when you are finished. This means that if the Department requests evidence that you tidied up we can provide it, and it will defend you from additional cleaning charges.

This photo must be kept for a minimum of 21 days and can be requested at any time up to this point.

  • Leave the space promptly at the end of your booking and by 10.45 at the latest, you must have vacated the building by 11.00
  • Ensure room (and/or event) capacities are not exceeded. Counters are part of the marshaling packs and must be used where the capacity may exceed 100 people. Your event will be stopped if the room capacity is exceeded.
  • Be respectful regarding noise levels. Other students and staff are often still working well past 18.00, so consider their needs as well as yours.
  • Do not serve food or alcohol without first informing the Union via the room request system. Include in your booking if you intend to provide food or alcohol, and how it will be sourced.
  • If the space you have booked is found in an unacceptable condition or if the equipment is broken report it as soon as possible to the Student Activities Manager. Please take photos as evidence.

If your space is unusable contact College Security on internal 4444 or external 020 7589 1000.

Request an emergency replacement space explaining the nature of the space you require and the cause. If they are able to assist follow their instructions.

Additional Covid-19 safe practices

In order to keep all Students and Staff safe while using our spaces during this time please ensure you comply with the following guidance:

- Ensure rooms are vacated at the agreed end of the agreed booking time. 
All spaces are to be left vacant for fifteen minutes minimum between bookings. This will be allocated when your room booking is approved, however CSPs have a duty to ensure they vacate the room at the agreed booking time. This includes carrying out cleaning of any equipment, surfaces or furniture. 

- Clean all equipment, surfaces and furniture used during your booking.
This will ensure that spaces and equipment are safe to use for the next booking. If your booking is within the Beit Quad you can collect cleaning packs from the Help Desk at the start of your booking. 

Face coverings to be worn at all times while on campus.
Unless you are exempt or have explicitly stated otherwise in your approved Risk Assessment face coverings must be worn at all times. 

- When possible and safe to do so, open windows to improve ventilation.
If it is safe to do so, please open windows at the start and close them at the end your booking.

- Do not share equipment.
Wherever possible do not share equipment, if this is not possible ensure equipment is cleaned properly between uses. 

Ensure all attendees register for Track and Trace.
For bookings within the Beit Quad, please ensure you register for the NHS Track and Trace before entering the building and show this to the Union Help Desk on entry. For bookings in other buildings please comply with their Track and Trace procedures.

- Do not exceed agreed activity capacities.
Under no circumstances should the activity capacity or room capacity be exceeded. 

- Cancel any bookings if you no longer require them.
This ensures that our spaces are not left vacant. If you do not cancel your room booking and a room is found to be left in a unfit state, you will be held responsible as you did not cancel your booking.

Failing to follow any of the above guidelines will result in a strike. Two subsequent strikes will result in room booking privileges being removed. 

Do you need help?

The Union provides training on this topic, so please contact us on the details below. 

Union Email Contact: 

Contact: Student Opportunities Coordinator (Operations & Resources)

Training Week: A session was delivered on this topic during our Training Week, please find the recording and slides here.

121 Session: Available for this topic, book here.

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