Sales Invoices

Club, Society, and Projects are able to sell goods and services to external customers or apply to them for sponsorship. In these cases, you will need to raise a Sales Invoice on eActivities to the customer you are dealing with. Sales Invoices cannot be issued without supporting documentation from the customer – e.g. a signed Sponsorship Contract or an official Purchase Order – this is so that the Union can prove that your group is owed this money if they later fail to pay.

You will only be able to request a Sales Invoice if you are the chair or treasurer of a Club, Society or Project and you have completed the Key Information and Sales Invoices online quizzes.

Raising Sales Invoices follows the process outlined below:

Navigate to eActivities > Login > Finance > Income > Sales Invoices

You will only be able to raise an invoice to a customer who already exists in the system – if you cannot find a customer please click Request a New Customer and enter the required fields and click submit – you will receive an e-mail when your customer is available to use.

Please remember to get a purchase order number and include it here wherever possible as it is easier for the customer to validate the Invoice.

Once you have completed all the customer details, a new section will appear which allows you to enter the description, quantity, amount, VAT code and account codes for each invoice line you wish to create. The VAT code will usually be Standard Rated (S1) – the major exceptions to this are Donations which is beyond the scope of VAT (SN), sports clubs core activities income which is Exempt (SE) as is any income for an event declared VAT Exempt by the Deputy President (Finance & Services).

Credit Notes

Credit notes are almost identical to Sales Invoices but are for canceling all or part of sales invoices. You should use a credit note where you have raised a sales invoice incorrectly and need to cancel it and raise a new one, or where you have overcharged on the original invoice and wish to give the customer a partial credit.

Approval Process

All requests for Sales invoices/Credit Notes have to be approved by the Union Finance Team; this should be done within 3-5 working days. You will receive an e-mail to your College e-mail address when the invoice has been approved, you will then be able to login to eActivities and download your invoice from Authorised Sales Invoices in the Sales Invoices section you raised the invoice from.

You are responsible for sending the invoice to the customer and resolving any queries they might have. You will not be able to alter any invoices once committed. Changing invoice details can only be done by raising a credit note to cancel the original invoice, then raising a new invoice with the correct details.

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