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Online Payments

Every Club, Society or Project is able to set up products in the online shop section of the Union’s main website, using the Shop Administration function in eActivities. Setting up items in the online shop is the preferred method of taking payments as the person paying receives an automatic receipt from the system.

More importantly, it is much easier for CSP treasurers as the system automatically generates lists of who has purchased which products. Maximum numbers can be applied to avoid overselling, and the potential for losing large amounts of money that don’t belong to you is avoided. The money which is collected online appears directly in your Club, Society or Project’s accounts within three working days of purchase, making it very quickly available for you to spend. Taking payments for any membership fees MUST be done online, as should all other payments except where it is not possible to do so.

Creating a New Product

Any committee member of a CSP can create a shop product on eActivities.

To create a new product navigate to eActivities > Login > Finance > Income > Shop Administration > Create New Product

Please ensure you include a full description. When you have filled in the first set of fields, another set of boxes will appear. Here you can add the specific SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) for the product you are requesting. Think of the SKUs as options for the product on sale, such as T-shirt sizes or menu options for a formal dinner. This is where the information on price, quantity, and VAT rate will go; as well as designating the destination of your income and when you are finished click Submit Product.

Remember that the minimum price for products in the online shop is £2.

Editing a Process

You can edit existing products by selecting the 'Edit Submitted Products' tab where you can change the selling dates and quantities for the products. When you are finished click the 'Submit' button.

Purchase Reports and Summaries

To view the sales of your online products select Finance > Purchase Summary > Purchase Reports

Here are your detailed reports of who has purchased each item by product or SKU.

You can also see a summary of sales for each product by selecting the 'Purchases Summary' tab.

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