For incidental expenditure, it is permitted for you to undertake personal expenditure (i.e. your debit card or cash) to pay for a Club, Society or Project expenses such as buying a piece of equipment, food for a trip or paying for a referee.

Bear in mind you must always check that your group has enough funds before making the purchase.

It is important that you obtain a VAT receipt for the purchase. To make a claim for reimbursement you must login to eActivities to register the details and upload electronic copies of the correct receipts. Once a claim has been submitted it must be approved online by the relevant people, including the Club, Society or Project Chair or Treasurer. Claims may be rejected by those who are responsible for approving the expenditure, either because the items being claimed for are not for Club, Society or Project business, or the receipts do not match the amount being asked for or are not of high enough quality. Throughout the approval process, information is provided by email to you as to the status of the claim, including if additional information/evidence is required. Once a claim has been approved, you will be paid directly by automatic money transfer (BACS) within three working days.

Expenditure Under £5

The Union will not reimburse expenditure of less than £5, either for payments to individuals or companies. If you have an item under £5 to claim, save it to claim with your next item. 

Making Claims

Registering your Bank Details

Before you can make a claim you need to register the details of the bank account you wish your money to be paid into. In eActivities, select the My Details tab in eActivities followed by the Bank Details tab. You will need to enter a memorable name for your bank account, the actual name of your account (e.g. Mr Joseph S Bloggs), your account number and sort code (without dashes). Please take extra care when entering your bank details – more Claims are delayed by incorrect bank details than by any other problem!

Submitting a Claim

Make sure you are in the correct role for the Club, Society or Project you wish to Claim money from, then:

Navigate to Finance > Expenditure > Claims

After completing the boxes, scan and upload your receipts by selecting the 'Choose File' button and selecting the file from your computer. Make sure all the evidence you upload adds up to the amount you wish to claim. Press the + button to add additional pieces of evidence.

Once you are happy with your claim, click the 'Commit' button and your claim will be submitted for approval in accordance with the levels of authority shown in the Appendix

Committed claims cannot be edited once submitted but they can be canceled.

You will receive an email when your Claim has been approved and a further email informing you when you will receive payment. You can also check on the status of your Claims by selecting the My Submissions in Progress tab.

Suitable Evidence

You must provide evidence to support your claim. This evidence must clearly show proof of purchase, the items and quality purchased, and cost per item. Typically credit card receipts on their own are not acceptable as they do not contain details of the items purchased. When paying by credit/debit card please retain the itemized receipt as well as the payment receipt.

Please see the VAT section to ensure your group is able to claim back VAT from your purchase. Please retain your receipts until you have received payment as even after your Claim has been approved the Finance Team may require further evidence or need to see the original documents.

Scanning your Evidence

Once you have entered the Club, Society, or Project you are wishing to claim money from, together with the Bank Details you wish to be reimbursed to, the Claim will be provisionally entered into the system. At this point, you need to scan in your receipts and other evidence to support your claim. You will also need to enter the total amount you are wishing to claim.

To reimburse you we need evidence to support the claim you are making. We need this to ensure you have incurred the expense and for our records to enable us to claim back Value Added Tax (VAT) where applicable for your Club, Society or Project. Evidence needs to be scanned clearly so that all the text is readable. Illegible evidence will result in your claim being rejected. In order for your Club, Society or Project to reclaim VAT your receipt needs to contain all the correct information. See the following pages for requirements for VAT receipts and examples. You can scan your evidence by using the photocopier in the Student Activities Centre, this machine can email you the scan immediately. If you have a smartphone with a high-quality camera you can also take pictures of your evidence for inclusion in your claim.

Types of Evidence

The following documents constitute evidence to support a claim:

  • Receipts. Full details of the requirements for different types of receipts are given in the next section of this booklet.
  • Other purchase documentation. Other documents which describe the expenditure clearly. If these documents do not meet the requirements described later in this section for VAT then VAT cannot be reclaimed. Examples could be purchase confirmation emails.
  • Bank or credit card statements. These can only be used in support of other forms of evidence where it is not clear from those documents who made the purchase.
  • Receipts not in sterling. Evidence for expenditure not made in sterling should have the exchange rate on the purchase date written on them.
  • No documents. In rare circumstances you may not be able to provide any of the above documents to support your claim, in this case please contact the Deputy President (Finance & Services).

VAT Documentation

In order to recover VAT on the expenditure for Clubs, Societies & Projects we must have evidence that VAT was paid in the first place. This is done by collecting the correct receipts at the time of the purchase. This is important as VAT can make a significant impact on the financial health of a Club, Society or Project.

For an amount less than £250, the receipt must contain:

  • Name and address of the supplier.
  • Date of supply.
  • VAT registration number of the supplier.
  • Description of goods/services purchased.
  • Invoice total, including VAT amount and VAT rate.

If the receipt or invoice is over £250 it must have the following:

  • Name and address of the supplier.
  • Date of supply.
  • VAT registration number of the supplier.
  • Description of goods/services purchased.
  • Total, including VAT amount and VAT rate.
  • Customer address registered as Imperial College Union, Prince Consort Road, London, SW7 2BB.
  • Invoice number and date.
  • For each description of a good or service; VAT rate, Net cost, unit price, quantity, total Net cost.
  • Total VAT Amount.
  • Cash discount (if any).
  • Invoice total, including VAT.

Approving Claims

To approve claims you need to have signed your Financial Responsibility form and returned it to the Student Activities Centre. You will also need to have completed the following quizzes; Key Information and Approving Expenditure. If you have a Claim to authorise you will receive an automatically generated email.

Navigate to Finance > Expenditure > Claims

Entering a Claim's Code and VAT Treatment

For each claim you approve, you will need to either enter or check the account codes and VAT treatment and also ensure that the group has sufficient funds. Start by viewing the provided evidence. Select the 'Receipts tab' and click on the small images to open pop-ups of each receipt. If you click the 'Claim Details' tab, any receipts you have opened will stay floating above the Claim details enabling you to refer to them whilst completing the account and VAT codes.

You need to do this for each receipt claimed however you do not need to split the receipt by item if they have the same account codes and VAT code. Make sure all the fields are filled and correct, then click the 'Authorise' button at the top.

Rejecting a Claim

You may sometimes need to reject a Claim. When clicking the 'Reject' button you will be prompted to enter a reason and given the option of who to reject it back to. Please ensure you make this reason clear so that the problem can be corrected and resubmitted or the claim canceled if necessary.

You should reject claims if the evidence provided is not clear or incomplete; if the claim is fundamentally incorrect; if the claim is not related to the CSP’s activities; or if you want further information before approving the claim.

If you do not want to approve a claim DO NOT IGNORE IT - reject it stating your reasons for rejection. 

Claim Statuses

As your Claim progresses through the authorisation and payment process the status will change.

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