Imperial College Union Overview

Here are some key things to know about Imperial College Union ('the Union'):

  • Imperial College Union is a student-led charity, representing all students at Imperial College London
  • We operate 5 bars and 2 shops. All profits from these are reinvested into enhancing student-life
  • ICU has 370 Clubs, Societies and Projects (CSPs), almost 600 academic and wellbeing representatives, volunteering opportunities and social enterprise development
  • The Union is run by over 40 full-time staff who work to support student-led activity

Your Officer Trustees

The Union is ran by 5 Officer Trustees, who are elected annually by our students. These students take a year out of their studies or at the end of their degree and work full-time for the Union in order to better your student experience. Your Officer Trustees are here to represent you in College meetings, and ensure the student voice is heard at every level. 

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