Next Year's Committee Contact Details (MG/CUs)

After you have held your Annual General Meeting (AGM) for your Management Group/Constituent Union, and announced the results, the winning candidates details must be recorded with the Union. This can only be submitted by the current Chair, Secretary or Treasurer.

In this article we will cover:

Why record election results?

Crucially, by recording the results of your election:

  • The incoming committee will be granted access to eActivities
  • This must be done before the system refresh on 01 August to grant access
  • If you have unfilled positions, or a committee member resigns after 01 August, this can be done manually


Recording your results


Step 1: Navigate to Next Year Contact Details
Go to eActivities > Administration > Management Group Overview > Management Group Administration > Next Year Contact Details
Click on the Next Year Contact Details tab, then the blue Create Next Year Contact Details button

Step 2: Enter Committee Details
Fill in the details of who has been elected to each position. Only current members of your MG/CU will appear in the drop down list.

Step 3: Submit
Click the blue Submit Next Years Contact Details button to complete your submission. Once submitted you can edit committee details right up until the system refresh on 01 August.



You may need to complete your Next Year Contact Details manually, particularly if you find yourself in the following situation(s):

  • You have unfilled positions after 01 August
  • A committee member resigns after 01 August
  • You hold a by-election in the autumn term

To learn what information we require to update your committee list, visit the Resignations, EGMs & Online By-elections article, specifically the section on recording results.

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