Role of Wellbeing Reps

Understanding 'Wellbeing'

Before we go into the specifics of your role, let's have a look at how we define 'wellbeing' in the context of your role as a wellbeing rep. This infographic outlines the 5 key areas that the various aspects of wellbeing fit into.

Your Role and Responsibilities 

To get to grasps with what the role entails, here's a helpful video going through the four key responsibilites of wellbeing reps.


Your Boundaries

It is not your responsibility to personally help a student with their personal issues. If you are approached, you can signpost to support and give information about services but you may never give advice. The Signposting Toolkit will help you in these situations.

You can find out more in our Signposting, Boundaries and Safeguarding module with a compulsory quiz at the end.

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