The 5 R's

In our Representation Induction workshops we will go through the 5 R's of Representation framework, giving you the chance to apply the principles to prepare you for your role. 

The 5 R's show a step-by-step approach to representing effectively. 

Here we give a brief introduction to what the 5 R's are:

  • Receive
    • Make yourself well known! Be available and visible for students to approach you about issues or concerns.
  • Research
    • Find out as much as you can about any problem raised. Ask yourself a lot of questions such as: How many students does it affect? Has there been a recent change that caused this?
  • Represent
    • Your role is represent the views Imperial students whether that be students in your class, department or faculty. Its really important that you make sure that you are representing their views and not just your own interpretation of the issue.
  • Record
    • If you’re tackling an issue, then record what the issues are, and what you’ve tried to do about it.
  • Report
    • Close the feedback loop! If you make a change, tell students who asked you to do this about what happened and what the outcome was.
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