Governance Structure

Governance at Imperial College Union

Understanding our governance structures will enable you to see the pathways for creating change and where representation happens at different levels throughout the Union. 

Union Council is the highest student body that represents the voice of students to set the policy of Imperial College Union. Union Council's role is to provide political leadership and to support and scrutinise the Officer Trustees and is made up of over 50 elected student leaders and representatives. 

There are six sub-committees of Union Council, all are student-led, where many other Representatives sit to discuss specific student issues:

  • Education & Representation Board 
  • Community & Welfare Board 
  • Governance & Identity Board 
  • Services & Sustainability Board 
  • Societies & Projects Board 
  • Sports Board 

How does this apply to reps?

Any student at Imperial College can attend Union Council and it’s subcommittee meetings to observe or discuss, however year reps do not have voting rights. Academic Department and Faculty reps can vote at Education and Representation Board (ERB), Wellbeing Department and Faculty reps can vote at Community and Welfare Board (CWB) and all Faculty reps, as well as other senior rep positions, can vote at Union Council. If you would like to raise an issue to ERB/CWB, talk to your department rep. If you would like to raise a paper at either ERB/CWB or Council, please contact the Deputy President Education (DPE) or Deputy President Welfare (DPW) respectfully for guidance.


How can you have your say?

  • Talk to your Rep teams! Departmental and Faculty Reps are voting members of Education & Representation Board and Community & Welfare Board and can present issues to these dedicated committees.
  • Academic and Wellbeing Faculty Reps are voting members of Union Council
  • All students are welcome to attend any meeting and present papers for discussion. 


Governance at Imperial College London

To help further your understanding of Representation at Imperial and how your feedback fits into the wider College structure, below is an organisational chart of College meetings and the role student reps play within this:


After receiving and collating feedback from your peers, you will attend a department SSC/SSLG meeting. Following this, any relevant feedback will be discussed at the Faculty Education Committee and continued up through the structure if required.

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