Representation at Imperial

Our values

Our four values underpin everything we do at Imperial College Union

We have four core values, which are central to everything we do. As reps of the Union, we expect you to adhere to these values in your work.

  • Leadership
  • Partnership
  • Democracy
  • Inclusivity


As mentioned, democracy is one of Imperial College Union's core values.

We won’t do things for you, we’ll do things with you.

We are run by our members, for our members. We are our members. We will build a powerful and meaningful student democracy, which will engage every single one of us. Our student leaders will speak with authority and insight, and they will tackle our most complex and difficult decisions. Through this democracy, we will empower every student to create their own Imperial experience, challenge them to grow to their full potential, and fire them up to change the world around them.

Representation plays a key role in our democracy, and as an elected Rep you have the power to make the student voice heard. 

As a Rep you will have platforms to create change both at the Union and within your departments and faculties at College. 

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