Where you fit as a Club, Society or Project

At Imperial College Union, we have 370+ Clubs, Societies & Projects which we often refer to as 'CSPs'.

All 370+ CSPs are grouped into what we call 'Management Groups', or in some cases, 'Constituent Unions'. These are made up of similar interest groups, for example Arts & Entertainments or Sports, and provide support from experienced volunteers with a knoweldge base tailored to your CSP.

Why group Clubs, Societies & Projects this way?

  • It creates a knowledge base and forum for sharing ideas and refining good-practice among CSPs of similar aims and activities
  • It creates a crucial network for peer-to-peer support
  • It creates a clear pathway for communication between volunteers, relevant staff and your elected Officer Trustees (OTs)

In this article we will cover:


What does my Management Group do?

The role of a Management Group is to:

  • Be your first point of contact for advice, information and support outside of the Training Hub
  • Provide a forum to discuss ideas and issues, and vote on matters affecting you
  • Approve all expenditurefor your CSP that is above £50
  • Support your CSP to submit an Annual Budget
  • Represent your CSP when the allocation of Union Grant is made, based on your Annual Budget
  • Represent your interests at the Clubs, Societies & Projects Board (CSPB)Union Council and generally within College and the Union
  • Holds ‘MG Meetings’ a forum for you to discuss and vote on issues affecting your CSP
  • Give final approval for constitution and committee structure changes.


How do I know which Management Group I fit into?

The easiest way to find out is to login to eActivities. Here you will find an acronym in front of your CSP name.

For example:


AE = Arts & Entertainment     D = Dance (Arts & Entertainment sub-group)     

(149) = CSP budget code

    If your CSP falls under a Constituent Union, this will be reflected in the acronym.

    For example:

    RSM NETBALL (644)

    RSM = Royal School of Mines

    (644) = CSP budget code

    You can find a full list of Management Group/Constituent Union abbreviations in the Common acronyms & terms collection. To contact your Management Group or Constituent Union Committee visit the Key contacts for volunteers collection.


    What does a Management Group look like?

    There are six Management Groups.

    Each Management Group (MG) represents a chunk of our 370+ Clubs, Societies & Projects, and is made up of groups of similar interests, aims and activities. MGs are further broken down into'Mini Management Groups' (MMGs).

    Figure 1: Management Groups and their 'Mini Management Groups' (MMGs)

    Because we have so many Clubs, Societies & Projects at Imperial, MMGs exist mainly to take some pressure off of the MG Chairs, however they also provide you with a key point of contact for your CSP.

    Each MMG is looked after by a volunteer in the role of 'Vice-Chair'. By looking after a smaller group of CSPs, your Vice-Chairs is better placed to provide you with tailored advice, information and support.


    What does a Constituent Union look like?

    There are six Constituent Unions. In respect of Club, Societies & Projects, each Constituent Union supports its own CSPs. These are typically either Departmental Societies; linked to their respective College Department, or anything else.

    Figure 2: Constituent Unions

    For example:

    Imperial College School of Medicine Students' Union (ICSMSU) - one of six Constituent Unions - has ~57 Clubs, Societies & Projects, including:

    • ICSMSU BioMed
    • ICSMSU Neuroscience
    • ICSMSU Surgical Society
    • ICSMSU Tennis 
    • ICSMSU Yoga


    Management Group VS Constituent Union structure

    The structure of a Management Groups differs from that of a Constituent Union.

    Management Groups: made up of a small Executive Committee (the 'Exec') of elected volunteers, many of which have previous experience of running a CSP.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Constituent Unions: made up of a much larger Executive Committee but typically designates the role of supporting CSPs to a smaller sub-group of volunteers to mirror a Management Group.

    Figure 3: Arts & Entertainment Management Group Executive Committee structure VS Imperial College School of Medicine Students' Union (ICSMSU) Constituent Union structure for CSP support. 


    Management Group meetings

    Practically speaking, most Management Groups will hold monthly forums or meetings to discuss:

    • Important information from the Union including deadlines, policy changes and events which may be of interest to your CSP
    • Annual Budgeting: helping your CSP to write an effective budget and application for Union grant funding
    • Approval of any changes in a Club, Society or Project constitution, for example, new committee positions
    • Common problems affecting your group which need to be addressed by the Union

    When? Once a month

    Who attends? At least one representative, usually the Chair, but this can be another officer

    Remember: It is the Club, Society or Project, not the CSP Chair or President, who is a member of the Management Group. Therefore, if more than one representative from a Club, Society or Project attends, there will still be one vote per Club, Society or Project.


    Do you need help?

    Management Group Committee/ Constituent Union Committee: Your MG Chair/CU Committee is trained to help you with this topic. Please find your relevant contact here

    Union Email Contact:  activities@imperial.ac.uk 

    Contact: Student Activities Team

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