Breakeven Analysis & Submitting Budget

Budget Submission and Breaking Even

Step 1: Navigate to Final Overview

By navigating to the 'Final Overview' tab you can view a summary of all the income and expenditure for your event and the breakeven analysis. The Profit/Loss section shows the expected profit or loss your event will make depending on the number of attendees. If the number is in red then it means the event will make a loss if you only reach that number of ticket sales (indicated on the left-hand side).

Go to Finance > Budgets > Event Budgets > Final Overview

Step 2: Review Your Budget

Review budget, particularly your Breakeven Number. This shows the number of ticket sales needed so that your expenditure and income balance. Any more sales than this will mean a profit for your Club, Society or Project. This is the first number where the Profit/Loss column gives a positive number. In the example below, that number is 120 attendees.

Important: If your event makes a loss and your Club, Society or Project goes into debt, your group will have to pay it back and will be prevented from doing some activities until steps are made to pay back the debt - so do not make a loss with your event!

Once you have finished adding items to the event budget you will be able to vary the attendance numbers and see how this affects your profit or loss by changing the number in the attendees box. When you are happy with the numbers you have entered in the event budget press the 'Commit' button. The budget will then be reviewed by the necessary student officers and you will receive an email when it is fully approved.

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