A little about public speaking

Your campaign will require you to speak with the public, one-to-one, or large groups. Here are some top tips for you to be confident and comfortable on such occassions:


Know your subject inside and out

Be sure to have a clear idea of the following:

  • Your manifesto
  • Your headline aims and policies
  • What you are going to say and why you are saying it

The more you know your subject, the more confident you will be in delivering your content, and the more you will connect with your audience.


Know your audience

  • What are the issues pertaining to the individual or groups of students you are talking to?
  • Are they Undergraduate or Postgraduate taught/research students?
  • Do they live on campus or commute to Imperial?
  • What is their background, what characteristics influence their experience as a student?
  • What subjects are they studying? 


Practice, practice, practice

Practice your main messages in front of the mirror, with your friends, etc.

Pay attention to your:

  • Pace
  • Tone
  • Projection
  • Vocal pitch
  • Non-verbal cues in your body language
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