Your campaign message and publicity

A key element to any successful campaign is the publicity behind it; how you tell students about your ideas and persuade them to vote for you. All promotional material created by candidates - such as posters or websites - must include the Publicity Banner, which saves you the task of adding basic information such as the voting period, hashtag and website. 

This article outlines the following:

You should consider the following as you are creating your manifesto and campaign:

Campaign Theme

Many students choose a campaign theme that is linked to their name or something that they think will appeal to students. Students’ union elections over the past few years have seen everything from Harry Potter themed election campaigns, to funny puns involving people’s names, to more serious themes based around a specific policy or idea. 

Campaign Colour

This sounds like a simple decision, but you want to choose something that will really stand out and draw people’s attention to your campaign. In the past, people have picked colours that link with their name, campaign ideas and items of clothing they already own. 

Campaign Slogan(s)

Many students decide that they want to have a slogan that students can remember them by. Think about slogans used by political parties and political figures, such as Obama’s 2008 ‘yes we can’.  This was effective as it made a clear link to what people wanted, and was simple enough to be repeated time and again. Another popular choice is to link your slogan to your name, which will help with recognition when students vote.  If you think hard enough, almost any name can be made into a slogan.  


Language matters

Universities are becoming increasingly international in their student make up.  These means a greater proportion of voters will have a first language other than English so bear this in mind as you are putting your messages together. Additionally, depending on who you are targetting, you will adapt your messages, words, phrases, and style of your campaign to your audience. 


Methods and materials for you to consider 

There are a myriad of methods to use in your campaign, some of which cross over. Always ensure you abide by the publicity material guidelines!

Here are some ideas:

For downloadable publicity banners and logos visit the Information for Candidates page on the Union website

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