What Requirements Can Be Insisted Upon?

Extra requirements that can be placed on events before they are approved include:

  • A publicity plan.
  • A Gantt Chart which shows the timeline of the key processes and which demonstrates at what point it is still possible to abort without losing money.
  • Regularly scheduled meetings with staff and officers to monitor and record progress.
  • A risk assessment.
  • The need to collaborate on the event with an internal or external organisation.
  • Securing income before any expenditure is committed.
  • A realistic plan for how the maximum projected loss could be covered.
  • Extra insurance cover.
  • Cash handling procedures which may include a requirement to only sell tickets online.

Clubs may be asked to reduce their expenditure or increase their income through methods including:

Note: The legislation regarding claiming back VAT for Tour expenditure has now changed. Please refer to the VAT Training for more information. 

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