Resignations, EGMs & Online By-elections

It is common for things not to go exactly to plan, including committee members resigning or not filling every position on your committee. When this happens, there are processes in place to bridge the gap.

Committee processes


Resigning from a committee

If you or a committee member wishes to resigns from a position, then they should first discuss this with their committee. In most cases the committee can support you in reducing your workload, or finding more suitable work for you to do. If however you can no longer carry out your duties or simply wish to step down then please follow the process below.
Step 1: Fill out the Resignation Form

More information, and the link to the form, can be found here.

Step 2: Expiry of the role (eActivities)

The team will confirm and accept your resignation. Your role will then be expired on the system (eActivities) and will no longer appear on your CSP Profile page on the Union Website. It can take up to 24 hours for the system to refresh and your name to be removed.

Figure 1: Canoe society committee as listed on their CSP profile page on the Union website

A record of your time on the committee will be retained so that we can provide evidence in future if requested.



Co-option can be used to fill vacant positions in your committee. Please note that during the Online Elections in Spring, and the by-elections in Summer and Autumn, we will not accept any co-opting submissions. Please follow the guidlines outlined here.


Online by-elections

A by-election is essentially a 'second election' and is the online equivalent of an EGM

It will afford you another opportunity for your CSP to seek candidates to fill vacant positions between election cycles.

A by-election can be held in the following circumstances:

  • No nominations for a position are received by the close of nominations
  • Re-open Nominations (RON) wins the election at the close of voting
  • A commitee member resigns between election cycles

By-elections at Imperial come in the form of the Summer and Autumn elections.They take the same format as the Leadership Elections in the spring term, however on a smaller scale.

As with the Leadership Elections, the election is conducted online via the Union eVoting platform and runs according to the defined election timetable. 

Do you need help?

Visit the elections FAQ - here

Management Group Committee/ Constituent Union Commitee: Your MG Chair/CU Committee is trained to help you with this topic. Please find your relevant contact here

Union Email Contact: 

Training Week: A session was delivered on this topic during our Training Week, please find the recording and slides here.

121 Session: Available for this topic, book here

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