Annual Room Bookings

Annual room bookings are suitable for CSPs that require a space on a weeky basis throughout any of the academic terms, or term breaks. Activities or events taking place on a less frequent basis are not suitable for this type of room booking and should be submitted as Ad Hoc Bookings.

Submitting Annual Room Bookings
Annual room booking requests are processed once a year, usually over June/July. We would encourage outgoing and incoming committee members to work together to figure out the most appropriate request. 

The deadline for submitting Annual Room Bookings for the 21/22 academic year is Sunday 8 August 23:59 BST

Please take a moment to watch this short guidance video to understand how the Annual Booking system works. 

Tips for submitting your requests

  • Each CSP is limited to a maximum 7 Annual Room Requests each, one per day of the week.
  • Ensure you log in to the system using your CSP email account, ending with the short code not
    For example,
  • The more flexibility you provide for your chosen days and start after and end before time, the more likely your request will be fulfilled. 
When you're ready to submit your annual room booking request, follow this link to the booking system; Room Booking System.
Time Zone Differences
When submitting room booking requests while in a time zone different to the UK, please note the request must be submitted with the difference in mind.
For example, for a room booking request for 12:00 until 17:00 (GMT), if the booker is in Madrid (GMT+1) the request should be for 13:00 until 18:00. 

Do you need help?

Management Group Committee/ Constituent Union Commitee: Your MG Chair/CU Committee is trained to help you with this topic. Please find your relevant contact here

Union Email Contact: 

Contact: Student Activities Coordinator - Resources & Operations

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