Annual Room Bookings

Annual Room Bookings are suitable for Clubs that carry out activity on routine basis. For example, if you plan to have weekly practice sessions twice a week throughout the year, you would make this request through Annual Bookings. Activities or events taking place on less frequent basis should be submitted as Ad Hoc Bookings.

In light of the recent review of government COVID-19 guidelines, we have come to the decision that the best course of action at this stage is to suspend the allocation and subsequent confirmation of annual room bookings. 

As we approach the Spring Term, we will review the current government guidance and if it is plausible to do so, consider the option of opening a ‘Termly Room Booking Request’ option. Please keep an eye out for our weekly All Club Officer email for updates regarding this.
Submitting Annual Room Bookings
We would encourage all outgoing and incoming committee members of each CSP to work together to establish the most appropriate room booking requirement.

Please take a moment to watch this guidance video to understand how the Annual Booking system works. 

Ensure you log in to the system using your CSP email account, ending with the short code not .
For example,   not

When you're ready to submit your Annual Room Bookings, follow this link to the booking system; Room Booking System.
Time Zone Differences
When submitting Room Booking Requests while in a time zone different to the UK, please note the request must be submitted with the difference in mind.
For example, for a Room Booking Request for 12:00 until 17:00 (GMT), if the booker is in Madrid (GMT+1) the request should be for 13:00 until 18:00. 
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