Instructors & affiliations

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All Clubs, Societies & Projects need to record what instruction, if any, occurs within their activities. This could be nothing, having external instructors who give group lessons, peer-to-peer training within the members, or attendance at external training centres. A combination of various options is also possible. You can view and record these details by clicking on the Instructors tab. The check boxes should be used to record the type of instruction taking place, and for external instructors and training centres additional details are required.

By clicking on the Previous Instructors tab, you can view the details of any instructors your Club, Society of Project has used in previous years.


By Law the Union must record all affiliations to external bodies - this includes those of Clubs, Societies & Projects. You must record affiliations, or lack of them by clicking on the Affiliations tab. If your group is affiliated to an organisation outside of Imperial record this in the relevant boxes on the tab, as detailed below. If your group is not affiliated to anyone simply just click the submit affiliations button to register this.

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