Types of Insurance Cover

In this article we will cover:

General Insurance

  • Building insurance - “All Risks” including theft and subsidence cover for all buildings which College (and the Union) are responsible for insuring.
  • Contents insurance – “All Risks” including theft and subsidence cover and temporary removal from the premises for all contents excluding wines, spirits, works of art, motor, boats, computers, money which are insured under separate policy sections.
  • Business Interruption – this cover follows a claim under either the building or contents sections of the policy.  The cover is for a period of up to 5 years (the time taken to rebuild the building to the same state as prior to the damage)
  • Works in Progress cover – “All Risks” in respect of extensions/alternations to existing structures
    • Main exclusions to all Property policies:
      • No claim under £10,000 (this is the policy excess)
      • Change in environment, mechanical or electrical breakdown
      • Collapse or cracking
      • Deliberate act of Service Supplier (water, gas, electricity, telecommunications)
  • Terrorism insurance – excluded from above polices so purchased separately.  This will cover a building, contents, business interruption or works in progress claim if the event is due to terrorist activity or a terrorist activity has caused the area to be closed by Police (denial of access).
  • Motor insurance – Comprehensive “All Risks” cover for all vehicles in fleet including 3 vintage vehicles, LP 8389, UD 419 and D990 YLR and 3 x boat trailers.  Legal requirement for motor insurance and evidenced by Certificate of Insurance.
    • Main exclusions:
      • Does not cover vehicles hired overseas
      • Legal liability when vehicle is used on any part of an aerodrome, airfield, airport or military installation.
      • Wear and tear, depreciation, mechanical, electrical breakdown or computer failure.
      • Policy excess of £250 in respect of Accidental Damage only. 
  • Boat (Marine) insurance – “All Risks” in respect of damage to the boats themselves and Third Party cover whilst on the water.
    • Main exclusions:
      • Defective parts
      • Fault or error in design
      • Theft of the entire vessel or any trailerif not immobilised or fitted with an anti-theft device whilst left unattended
      • Theft of any outboard motorif not securely locked with an anti-theft device in addition to its normal method of attachment
      • Theft of machinery includingoutboard motors, gear and equipment not involving forcible entry into the Vessel or place of storage or following forcible removal of fixed gear and equipment from the exterior of the Vessel
      • Faults in machinery, electrical and breakdown
      • Wilful misconduct (under the influence of alcohol or drugs
      • Policy excess £250

Personal Insurance

  • Professional Indemnity – covers civil liability as a result of business activities.  The insured is any employee or director or officer.
    • Main exclusions:
      • Fines and penalties
      • Clinical trials
      • Policy excess £10,000
  • Personal Accident and Travel – covers any employee and any student.  Personal Accident cover is restricted in respect of students covering whilst on the College premises or participating in a College organised event. Only covers permanent injuries/damages or fatalities.
    • Main exclusions:
      • Suicide
      • Intentional self-injury
      • Flying as a pilot

Travel Insurance

  •  Travel insurance is for Student Union activitiesas declared to the insurer.  Limited cover for personal holidays.
    • Main exclusions:
      •  Travel to sanction countries (Iran, Cuba, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, Russia or Crimea Region of Ukraine – no cover where there are financial or trade sanctions.
      • Travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner
      • Suicide
      • Use on non-prescribed drugs
      • Disinclination to travel (applicable in Cancellation claims)
      • Crisis occurring in Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Somalia, Venezuela, Yemen or any other region or country to which the Insured Person has travelled where the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised against “all travel” (or other similar advice for Insured Persons not resident in the United Kingdom) prior to the commencement of the Trip.
      • In respect of Personal Liability – exclusions for:
          • liability arising directly or indirectly by or through, or in connection with, any mechanically propelled vehicle, aircraft or watercraft;
            • Liability arising directly or indirectly by or through or in connection with any racing and through the use of firearms (other than sporting guns being used for sport).


  • Public Liability – Protects the College’s legal liability to pay compensation to a third party caused by the negligence of College employees or students. The policy covers accidental damage to third party property as well as injury. It is possible for a student to bring a claim against College employees caused by their negligence too.  The onus of proof is on the claimant and typical Public Liability claims are taken by solicitors to court. Cover extends to include anywhere within the UK and anywhere in the world in respect of work carried out on temporary visits.
    •  An example of a Public Liability claim may be that a person trips on  loose paving belonging to the College (and which the College is responsible for maintaining) and suffers an injury.  That person will need to prove that College failed to maintain the pathway and as a direct result the claimant suffered.
    • Main exclusions:
      • Aircraft products- sold or supplied for use in craft designed to travel through air or space
      • Airports - Injury, damage or Financial Loss arising out of flying operations and activities incidental to such operations in respect of any airport owned or operated by the insured
      • Pollution or contamination
      • Motor and boat liability (insured elsewhere)
      • Fines and penalties
      • Policy excess of £250
  • Employers’ Liability – Required by law and evidenced by Certificate of Insurance.  Protects the College’s legal liability to pay compensation to employees caused by the negligence of College.  Onus on proof on the claimant.  Policy will cover work experience students and any one assisting College in business activities and under the control and supervision of employees.
  • An example of an Employers’ Liability claim may be that an employee suffers an injury to hand due to a faulty machine which has not been repaired.
  • Main exclusions:
    • Motor (covered in motor policy)
    • Working overseas (liability should be covered by employing institution)
    • Working offshore
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